Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rugs to go with Ikea Janette curtains

Recently I got a question about what sort of rug would one put with the Ikea Janette curtains that are (no longer) hanging in my dining room.

Because the curtains are a very large multi-colored floral pattern, I would stick to a simple graphic rug, such as stripes or chevron (or even a solid), and probably not more than two colors in the rug.  This is a personal preference of mine--I like bold, large-scale patterns in my curtains paired with fairly simple rugs.

The Janette curtains have a very greeny-yellow citron as the dominant color, and then black, navy, teal, white, and pale mint as the complimentary colors, so there is a wealth of colors to pull from. The citron green is a very intense, acidic color, so I wouldn't try to match it or even stay in that color family.  Depending on the furniture in the room I'd probably concentrate on finding a black and white or a navy and white rug to ground that bright citron green. If you like more color, I think a blue-ish teal would be a great match.

Here are eight rugs that I think would look good.
moroccan tile / chevron / striped Rand / greek key / herringbone chevron / teal soho / blue white dot / blue trellis

Like so:

My favorite is the black and white herringbone stripe--its a fresh take on the ubiquitous black and white Ikea Rand/Madeline Weinrib rug that is everywhere these days (yes, including my own living room).  What would you put with those curtains?


  1. Lisa, this is looking great. You found a beautiful selection of rugs. I actually like the Moroccan tile one the best. I think the less white will help hide kids messes. Tough choice, good luck.

  2. Even though not really the same blue as in the drapes, I like your choice of the blue trellis the best! Love Ikea drapes!

  3. I was looking at this, and thinking, oh I don't really like the black as much as the other two. Then I read your sentence about liking the black one best, and I felt kind of bad. :-P

  4. I like teal soho (your option one) the best.

  5. I also vote for #3. Not sure how it would play IRL, but on the screen that's the one the works for me.

  6. If they aren't in your dining room any longer, are you still using these? Would you be interested in selling them? Ikea no longer sells these, and I am looking for them!

  7. I'm also interested in buying your Janette curtains if you still have them. please let me know! Thanks, Nate.


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