Monday, March 25, 2013

gender neutral shower curtains for kids

I have engaged the services of a painter to paint a large portion of the new house, since it has 20 foot vaulted ceilings.  In the age-old "well, as long as you're here...." I've got him doing a bunch of other rooms as well.  One is the upstairs bathroom that will be the kids bathroom, which is currently a greenish yellow that is not offensive but I am not overly excited about. 

Please ignore the raised toilet lid. 
I will be removing that glass shower door and using a shower curtain.  This is the only bathroom in the house where I can use a shower curtain, which is sad, because I think of shower curtains as a fun and affordable way to decorate and are easy to change out when the whim hits.  

Here are some options I am considering.

There's always opportunity for learning! But I'm not a huge fan of clear curtains.  
Via Urban Outfitters

This polka dot one seems like it would go with a multitude of wall colors

I have written about this shower curtain before. And I still like it. I like that it has pink and purple in it yet does not scream girly-girl. This one is a strong contender.  I am taking a chance that all 107 of you won't run out and order it, because last time I loved it it was out of stock forever.  

West Elm has a number of gender neutral shower curtains, like these awesome wide stripes (Emily used them in her bathroom), but I think I want something a little more colorful.  

This PBK fish curtain is adorable, and totally gender neutral.  

This is not gender neutral but its awesome.  Apparently I have already blogged about this pink ikat from Furbish. Looking back at that post, I kind of love that mini-mood board....can I stick a hot pink shower curtain in a little boy bathroom?  Too grown up for three kids under seven? 

PBTeen has some really cool ones which may be jumping to the head of the line. There's a chevron and I think I could use this without even repainting:

Or a madras plaid, which I blogged about a few months ago (which was met with a resounding silence, so I'm guessing you all aren't as excited about madras as I am.  Sadly, I wish this madras were a wee bit brighter.  Too masculine, perhaps?) 

Which ones do you like? 


  1. I love love the polka dot one and the wide navy stripe one.

  2. I love the fish or the chevron for the kids. I still love that flowery one (I may have to buy it for myself and cause it to be sold out again), but it's not really a kiddy type curtain.

  3. Wide stripe will age into it and it will go with lots of different colors. Its classic, not cutesy.

  4. The chevron is super cute. I have to say, though, that if that polka dot one were in a different color I would be buying that today. I'm looking for a shower curtain as well.

  5. OK, I 'll got out on a limb with you: I like the madras plaid! Think it would be great with the right wall color.

  6. I Love the chevron curtain and think it would look even cuter with some bobble trim added. You could finish the bathroom with some great children's art or by adding another pop of colour with a framed mirror - hopefully this will keep costs down and allow you time to think before spending much money on this room.

    I am so looking forward to the new house and all your projects
    Kind Regards


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