Thursday, March 21, 2013

Navy bedroom plans

One thing I have wanted to do for years is paint a room deep, dark, moody blue.  Since I've lived in rentals for the last four years that hasn't been the most practical idea.  But! New house! I will own it! I can paint it any crazy rainbow I want!

Irony: ninety percent of the new house will be painted white.

But! For my bedroom, I think I am going to take the plunge.  Be bold! Be brave! Its just paint!

Here are some bee-u-tee-ful navy rooms.

This first room from Bossy Color is probably what sparked my desire to have a navy bedroom.  I love this room.  That John Robshaw bedding is just killer against the navy walls.

I love how the navy plays against the orange room down the hall.

image via Apartment Therapy

This room is pretty much perfect, in my opinion.  Its got the deep navy walls, subdued pops of red in the kilim rugs and the bedside table and throw, greek key trim roman shades, and a bit of warm unfinished wood in the Jenny Lind bed.

image via the nesting game

You might note some common themes in the above pictures. If you are going to do a dark wall, the rest of the room will need some light to balance it out.  All three pictures have white or white background bedding.  Each of the rooms has wooden or natural elements in it, like the wood floors, or leather poofs, or jute rug, linen headboard, or unfinished wooden bedframe.  Lastly, a wee bit of a contrasting color, like the red in the rug, the red in the Robshaw bedding (even the orange in the next room visible from the door).

I haven't drawn up a moodboard for my master bedroom because at the moment my budget extends only to paint and possibly a craigslist dresser, but that third bedroom is pretty much perfect in my eyes, and its got all the elements I want to put in my new bedroom (warm wood, white bedding, navy walls, kilim rugs, greek key shades).

I would love to include some more pictures of rooms, but I find myself very leery these days of sharing pictures unless I can trace the source (and if you are wondering, no, "via my Pinterest" is not an appropriate attribution and will not save you from a lawsuit should the original artist want to sue you).  I've pretty much stopped sharing "inspiration" pictures unless they were taken by an individual posting on their own blog about their own home, or come directly from a magazine source.

In any event, that's my plan.  One navy blue bedroom, coming up.  


  1. These Navy bedrooms are dreamy!! I hope you DO it!! xo

  2. Love the room from Nesting Game (recognized it right away). It's one of my favorites, too. I say, go for it! We painted our tiny master bathroom a dark brown, and I love it. Dark seems perfect for a bedroom.

  3. I think the navy with red and then white bedding is too .... American. And navy with orange strikes me as too close to the Mets. So I vote either navy with white and yellow or navy with a sharp, bright, apple/spring green (and white).

  4. This is a topic that is near to my heart... Best wishes!
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  6. Bed is comfortable,I want to sleep on it now.

  7. Holy cow....I need to catch up. Yeah for the new hose. You can rock a CL purchase, so I know you will find all sorts of things for the new space.

  8. I think navy will look great - especially with all of the light coming in from those windows.

    Good luck as you prepare for your move; what a lot of work, but hopefully this will be it for a long while!

  9. Hi,

    I'm a big fan of navy - I have one large feature wall behind my bed because I was too chicken to paint the whole room - it looks great .
    I just bought a turkish rug a month ago and looking for some great but inexpensive bedding and cushions
    I found these cushions with a little pop of red that I thought you might like - a bit dear for me but nice all the same.

    good luck with it all . I don't envy your choices with the bed placement in the new house, but I'm sure you will work it out.
    Kind Regards

  10. Hi , was just looking at some old Sadie and stella posts and saw some lovely curtains she found at atarget white with gold - they look lovely. and may suit your new room . have a look at the link

    also, do you know of anyone that does shopping for people in other countries. I live in Australia and Target wont send their goodies here
    Kind Regards


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