Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a living room moodboard, if one has won the lottery

The new floors look fabulous, if I do so say myself.  It was dark by the time the installers were finished, so I didn't get any pictures, but rest assured I will have pictures for tomorrow.

In the meantime, the beautimous new floors have me thinking about a whole new living room design.  (Not happening. But a girl can dream.)  If I win the lottery, here's what I'll buy.  

I am crushing hard on a blue velvet sofa. In the immortal words of Wayne, "oh yes, she WILL be mine."

I love these Peter Dunham fig leaf drapes.  This material is to the trade and outfitting my living room with six panels would cost more than sending my children to college.  I know that Amber Interiors Shoppe used to carry them, although they don't appear to be in stock at the moment.

You can't go wrong with a classic Eames chair.  Or in this case, a knockoff if you don't have five grand burning a hole in your pocket.

I've been window shopping persian rugs for about a year now.  I can tell you that the rugs I like are way, wayyyyyy out of my budget.  For example, a quality wool persian rug in an 11 x 17 size my living room needs runs north of $10,000.  (I have champagne taste.  Sadly, I have a beer budget. But in this scenario I've won the lottery, so let's pretend.)

However, craigslist here consistently has a good selection of persian rugs for decent prices.  (The OC Craigslist consistently has really crappy stuff for crackhead pricing in every other category. I literally clench my teeth and howl when shopping craigslist.  But if you want a cheap persian rug, you are in the right place.)
The persian rug above is from Horchow.  I'll be shopping craigslist.

Last but not least, a Robert Abbey lamp.

If you won the lottery and did some good deeds and fed starving children and gave lots of your winnings to your family and community and favorite charities and there was a bit left over for your favorite wish-list decor element....what would you buy?

I would buy a really awesome vintage sofa and have it reupholstered in a luxurious blue velvet.  She WILL be mine.  


  1. How lovely of you not to go completely mad with your pretend lottery winnings. In addition to what you have I would also grab a fabulous chinoiserie light, great sconces, and side tables for the room and while I still have money left over before I have donated it all, you can put me down for a Dorothy draper chest and some some beautiful original vintage artwork to finish it all off.
    Kind Regards

  2. I love the blue velvet sofa! Would love to have one. I have the Eames chair and ottoman......anniversary gift that I will cherish forever!!

  3. I want an old, leather sofa. The cool kind, that you'd find in a library--not the puffy kind that is about all I ever see on craigslist when search for leather sofa. I want the leather to be soft and broken in. I want the cushions to sink. Since I won the lottery and no longer need to work, I want to spend lots of afternoons on it reading books.

    Sigh. Back to work.

  4. If I won the lottery I'd probably hire an interior designer to give me three choices for everything. My problem is that I get overwhelmed by choices. I'm almost crippled when it's time to make a decision and I feel like I have to see everything before I do. Of course in the lottery scenario my three choices would be things that I couldn't afford now like pretty much pit!

  5. How lovely! You don't have to win the lottery to buy that Delta Lamp from Lamps Plus, though.

  6. I bought eames lounge chair reproduction. I was worried that because they were priced so low that these would seem cheap but they are a great version of a super classic chair. They were easy to assemble and so far are easy to keep clean, despite our two small children.


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