Thursday, November 21, 2013

The new floors are in! And they are fabulous!

Our new floors look fabulous.

You'll recall that we had gross berber carpet that looked like this.

Now we have new laminate floors that look like this:

The installers did a nice job with the transition spaces.

The new floors are not an exact match to the old ones--the new floors are a touch redder, and the planks are a full inch wider.  However, the french bleed edge made a big difference when looking at the floor as a whole, so we went with that option. I'm sure you can see the difference since I am pointing it out, but in person it is a pretty close match.

I was surprised at how much bigger the space feels without the carpet.  I was also mildly surprised at how much the carpet had muffled sound---the downstairs now has a much louder echo effect, even if you are in the kitchen or family room.

I am really happy with how this turned out!  I think it looks fabulous, it was reasonably priced, and I no longer have to vacuum under the dining table.  Laminate flooring FTW!  


  1. I Can. Not. Believe. how much of a difference that makes!!!! It's AMAZING!!! And, I'm sure *you* can tell the difference because you live there, but I honestly had to look at the picture, then read what exactly was different between the two floors, then look again, and only then did I finally concede, that ok, I *guess* you can tell that one floor has wider boards than the other. It looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. what a DIFFERENCE! amazing! you must be sooooooo happy.

  3. That looks amazing!!!! You must be so thrilled.

  4. Looks beautiful! Love the color.


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