Monday, December 2, 2013

no more minivan; tree cozies

I have a whole bunch of projects that are 90% finished....and none that are finished enough to photograph. I switched the boys' room and the guest room, I put new curtains in the dining room, there are new photo ledges in the living room, the fireplace is being painted....and if I ever finish any of these projects I will show you them.  Working on it.

The end of an era has arrived....I am no longer driving a minivan. 

The minivan got 16 miles to the gallon and I drive about 100 miles a day.  Our monthly gas bill was astronomical.  We were also looking at some expensive repairs and we decided to trade it in for a car with better mileage.

I owned the new car for less than twenty-four hours before a child very nearly threw up inside it (a near miss). In retrospect, my decision to save money by not getting leather seats seems like a poor one, grasshopper. 

I already miss the minivan.

I have a feeling I won't be buying much on Craigslist anymore either.  

The Mister and I went out to dinner and saw this:

Sister! I need you to crochet me some tree cozies.



  1. We were just in OC (mostly HB with some Lake Forest, Newport and Orange thrown in for good measure) a few weeks ago and I noticed that there were hardly any minivans anywhere so you'll fit in better now. Do people there just not drive minivans or was I just not driving where the minivan drivers do?

    I am sorry to have to agree that forgoing leather may not have been the best choice.

    Also, I am having a mild panic attack about craigslist in OC being so crummy because we just bought a (tiny yet ridiculously expensive) house down there and how will I furnish it without craigslist to help me out?!? Of course, the new house is 900 square feet smaller than the house we're in now, so I guess I should be more worried about selling furniture than buying it.

    1. There are tons of minivans in south Orange County :-) Where are you moving to? Huntington Beach?

      I am sorry, but Craigslist here realllllly is terrible. There are a few gems, but you have to hunt hard for them. People like to post their old, falling apart Ikea items with the title "mid century modern furniture" and charge MORE THAN FULL PRICE BRAND NEW because they built it for you. Drives me INSANE.

    2. Good to know. Sadly, HB is a little too spendy. And I have a psychological aversion to HOAs which ruled out pretty much all of Lake Forest and Laguna Hills. We didn't want the commute to be too heinous so we'll be in Orange.

      I will have to consider shopping my craigslist and bringing furniture with me. It might work if I manage to get to the new place to take precise measurements of my spaces beforehand. I am so glad I read all your previous OC craigslist dissage so I could prepare myself ahead of time.

  2. Knit bombing! Happens all over Portland. I never did own a minivan, but had an even bigger gas guzzler: A Suburban. We had to drive a mountain highway in the winter, and a minivan was a no-go for that. I will admit there are times even now I wish I had a minivan, but I, too, can't afford the gas.

    1. What is this "knit bombing" of which you speak? I had never heard of it before last night. Do they actually sit down and knit a tree cozy around the tree? How long does this take? This seems logistically difficult.

  3. There are websites for knit bombing. It's awesome. Google images is fun too. Also, I have no idea how to crochet :-P.

    I am confused at lack of leather seats. I thought that was requirement of yours? I guess I'm thinking of the wrong person?

  4. I am eagerly awaiting the results of all those projects that are 90% complete, especially what you did in both bathrooms. I do like to live vicariously through your decorating highs and lows and surprises.
    I have just managed to stencil a cupboard for my sisters birthday which was 60% complete for 3 months - it looks beautiful and now I wish could keep it, I have promised myself to do another one but , like you, I manage to start a lot of projects but I don't always seem to finish them.
    Kind Regards


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