Wednesday, December 4, 2013

painted white brick

The painting projects are rolling along.  I love how different a coat of paint will make a space feel. 

When we moved in the house, the kitchen had two small walls of exposed brick. One was in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen, and the other was the facing around the double oven.  I personally don't like exposed brick indoors, and I can't remember why I didn't have the brick painted at the same time as the kitchen.  Money, probably. 

Have I ever put pictures of what the kitchen looked like originally on the blog?  It was sage green. 

Anyhoo, we lived with the brick for six months.  In the meantime, I hung corkboards over the hallway side for kid art

And now it is painted a fresh crisp white. (Dunn Edwards Whisper in eggshell finish).  I LOVE IT. I should have painted these sooner. It makes the room look bigger and cleaner and crisper.  And even though I don't like actual brick, the painted brick is a nice textural feel but feels cohesive with the rest of the room when painted the same color.

More projects to come!  The black fireplace is nearly done! (!!!)  The upstairs kids bathroom is nearly done! The master bathroom--the only swine beige left in the house--is scheduled to be done this week.  Onward ho! 


  1. YES! LOVE! i always love white painted brick!

  2. Very, very nice!

    If you are looking for post topic ideas - that is, once you've posted all the big reveals of the cool home projects you're doing - I would love a post from you on how you manage your time in such a way that allows you to get all of these massive undertakings done, and to blog about it, and to also raise 3 young kids. How do you have the energy?

    1. ha--I feel like I get nothing done. I would say its probably saving up for a big burst of energy and a manic weekend or two to do something, then nothing for six months. But I'll work on that post :-)

  3. Looove it! I'm just not brave enough!


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