Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dining Room {In Progress}: Besta shelf units and art switch

Over the past two weeks, we had a few things painted, moved some furniture around, and switched up the art.  It is still a work in progress, but it is coming along.

The dining room previously had the starburst painting, the dining table, and two small, very full Billy bookshelves acting as our game cabinet. 

We wanted a deeper cabinet, and I wanted a piece of furniture that filled the left wall from one end to the other.  We decided on Ikea's Besta shelf units with plain white Vara doors (I can't find the door online that we used).  We bought two double units and one single.  But for a half an inch, I would have bought three doubles, but that would have hung over the edge of the sunken living room.

I would also like to have bought the high gloss white doors, but that effectively doubled the cost of the whole thing, so we went with the cheap white doors.  I am searching for some interesting pulls for the doors to class it up a bit, but haven't found anything that strikes my fancy yet.

Another reason we picked the Besta--it is currently on sale 15% off for the month of December if you belong to Ikea Family (Ikea's free club card).  (I am not being compensated in any way for furnishing 90% of my house from Ikea.  Yes, my house is starting to look like Ikea showroom.  I blame the suckiness of the OC craigslist.)

The starburst art was 48 x 60, and the Bestas are 50 inches tall, so the starburst art was too large to hang above the Bestas.  This is a shame, because I really loved the view of the starburst from the family room through the kitchen door, but we moved it upstairs to the hallway. It looks pretty good up there too. 

I've found some different art for over the Bestas that I'm really excited about, and will post about when it gets here. 

We also changed out the curtains to plain white Ritva curtains from Ikea.  Previously the curtains were the same as the living room curtains, but it just felt cluttered.  The curtains need to be hemmed and I'd like to put some trim on as well. 

We moved the Billy bookshelves that were on the right side of the room upstairs, and moved some art around.  The red painting that was over the fireplace moved into the dining room, and the blue mirror moved over to another wall. 

I originally painted the red canvas with the idea that it would be hanging on a white fireplace, but then changed my mind about the fireplace.  It shows much more vibrantly against the white wall. Speaking of fireplaces...can you see a hint of how it turned out in the mirror? 

What is left to do in this room?
Hem the curtains.
Find trim for the curtains.
Hang art over the Bestas.
Find door pulls for the Bestas.
Replace tiny green lamps with larger scale lamps.
Rug for under the table--eventually when I buy a Persian rug for the living room the black and white striped rug that is currently in the living room will move into the dining room. 


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  1. I so miss Ikea. It's looking really good. I love those green lamps. I know you're going to find something else but they are really pretty. The floors look great!


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