Friday, September 4, 2015

the guest bedroom

My parents are coming for a visit soon, and that's about the only thing that has inspired me to get the guest room done.

Previously on the blog, it looked like this:

I did put up the orange trellis curtains and donated those white lamps, but otherwise, haven't done much in there.

I didn't anticipate having a room refresh for their visit, but the bed has been the repository for our white winter comforter, and I thought, goodness, my parents will swelter and melt if I leave that on the bed.  So I brought in a green summer cotton quilt to change it out.  Then I thought hmm, remember this bedroom?

So I dug out the navy curtains, put out the green quilt, and voila, whole new room.

Everything in the room came out of the decor stash in the garage; I bought nothing.  The art over the bed was painted by my grandmother. (The ponies have moved to the Princess's bedroom.)

Frugal decorating!  I still have a decent stash of decor (art and curtains and pillows, I can supply a village).  I have noticed that I've gotten to a point where much of what I own works with everything else.  I've got a base of dark blue in nearly every room in the house, and a lot of green/pink/orange/reds.  Not everything goes with everything, but still, I can put together a room with a navy blue base and any of the above colors without shopping, mostly.  


  1. I like the pillow combo. I've been struggling with pillows. You've got the whole pattern-mixing thing down like a pro.

  2. It looks beautiful, Lisa! You definitely have a gift for decorating --- the navy with the green (I love that green!) is fantastic :)

  3. This is gorgeous! I've been eyeing that aqua Ming fabric for a while: thinking of making some drapes--or maybe a roman shade? with it. I absolutely adore this room.


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