Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest Room (In Progress)

We've had quite a few visitors since moving to California.  Since the boys are continuing to share a bedroom in the new house, we had an unused fourth bedroom (aka The Room of Requirement, housing all our unused furniture). We decided to make this into a guest bedroom.

When we moved in, I knew this room wouldn't be used right away so we didn't paint it.  It remained in the swine beige color that covered the house when we bought it.

Last weekend, on my birthday, I painted it Dunn Edwards Whisper, like the rest of the house.  Who says I don't know how to party.

I know that my not-white-balanced pictures don't adequately convey the difference, but truly, this room is so much brighter, cleaner and prettier looking with a fresh coat of white paint.

We moved the queen mattress and bed frame out of Princess's bedroom and into the guest room, since it was the bigger bed and that would be the best for adults.  We bought a full size bed for Princess. Once one of the boys move into this room eventually, the queen mattress will go back into Princess's bedroom (because it is the biggest bedroom at 15 x 11) and the full will move into this fourth bedroom (because it is a smaller room at 11x11).

My budget for this room was $0.  I planned to decorate entirely from things we already owned.  The only item I planned to spend money on was a new mattress.  I almost succeeded in the $0 quest; I spent $28 on a curtain rod and a nightstand. (Obviously I am not including the mattress.) (Although technically I moved the queen mattress that was in Princess's room in here and bought a full size bed for her room, so actually, yes, I can include the mattress as "already owned" in that total! Look how frugal I am!)

The curtains are the Pottery Barn Audrey drapes that were in our living room.  The travel posters were from Target many years ago; in our last house they graced the library at the top of the stairs.  The brown quilt and ribbon pillow shams were from our house in Haddon Township. We owned one Rast night table already, so I bought a second one and put some wicker baskets underneath.  The red mirror was from Home Goods and hasn't been used since our apartment in Fort Lee.

The art over the dresser is a paint by number piece painted by my mother in law last year.  The tall dresser was in our master bedroom.

 I'm still scouring thrift shops for a pair of lamps to go on the bedside tables.  Its hard to believe, but I have actually used my entire collection of lamps.

Casa Von Trapped is now offering turn down service and chocolate mints on the pillows.  There is free internet in your room, and my children provide a complimentary wake up service promptly at 5:50 am every morning.  We'll see you soon!


  1. I'll give a review of the service in August...I have high expectations after reading this :)

  2. it is looking great! i love the art over the bed!

  3. Love the drapes and that mirror! Sounds like the service can't be beat! Happy guests!

  4. Wish I could come stay! It looks great, and I love the price. Could use some $0 sprucing up in our place about now.

  5. I'm on my way :). It looks great and if you make it any nicer, they will never leave.

  6. Casa von Trapped = my vote for new blog name


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