Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Master Bedroom (In Progress): wall of dressers

I am slowly decorating this house one project at a time but am working on about fifty projects, all over the house, so it feels like things are going very slowly.  They aren't, but it feels that way.  One of the projects we did recently was to fix the dresser situation in our master bedroom.

I bought an inexpensive Pottery Barn Kids dresser on craigslist right before moving in. In our old house we had a tall dresser chest and a long low dresser, but when we moved here I painted the long low dresser purple and put it in Princess's room.  

It looked fine, but the drawers were small, did not have smooth rolling drawers, and it just wasn't working for our clothing storage needs.  In fact, most of our clothes were in two mismatched dressers in the unused fourth bedroom, which was frustrating when getting dressed in the morning.

The new dressers went on the long wall across from the door.

We already had two three drawer Malm dressers that we used as night tables in our last house, so we bought a six drawer Malm dresser and put the three drawer ones on either side to create one long wall of dressers.  Our green lamps moved up here from the family room  (I still hate those lamp shades and am still hunting for a reasonably priced alternative). The round mirror was previously over the fireplace in the  living room

This is MUCH more useful.  Now all of our clothes are in our bedroom, which makes getting dressed less of a game of "which room are my underpants in?"

We sold the PBK dresser on craigslist for what we bought it for, so that worked out just fine.  Now that wall is blank.

I think I will put an upholstered chair here and a wooden valet for the Mister. I may put some art here, but I am enjoying the calm quietude of the blank walls.

The green lamps still need to be painted, as they clash with the bedspread. The bedspread has muddy mustard yellows, greens, blues, pinks and purples, but the lamps are a clear jewel toned emerald green.  I haven't picked a color to paint them yet. (Had I not painted over the previous green they would have matched perfectly.)  I'm also looking for x-benches for the end of the bed.

What room are you working on?


  1. love the new dressers! very modern and sleek!

  2. And you can only give Ikea lukewarm love! ;-) Really like the long row of dressers. You've got me thinking some new thoughts for our bedroom--which is so awful (two years after moving), you never see it on the blog. I know just what you mean about 50 scattered projects and feeling that progress appears slow.

  3. That's one long run of dressers. Looks fantastic, though. Something about those lamps are bugging me. Could be the colour--could be the shades (you do need better priced alternatives!). Could be they are a bit too far from the mirror. But, I think it is that they have one too many curve. Imagine a lamp with one large low bulge at the bottom and then coming straight up at the neck with a long narrow drum shade. Can you see it? It wuld echo the long modern sleekness of the dressers, echo the curve in that great mirror and yet make a statement out of the whole. They'd be totally retro, though.

  4. Something like this, but not this: http://www.lampsplus.com/products/uttermost-junelle-blue-glass-table-lamp__x0986.html

  5. orthis: (but it isn't big enough): http://www.lightingdirect.com/cal-lighting-bo-2256tb-tapron-1-light-table-lamp-with-on-off-switch/p2074508

  6. Here's the one for you. A bit pricey, though! http://www.lampsplus.com/products/jonathan-adler-capri-tall-green-glass-table-lamp__j1770.html


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