Monday, July 1, 2013

What all the cool designers are installing, and Posh's hair

This found its way into my living room today.

Ping pong tables are massive, by the way (5' x 9').  There will be not much room left over for your teepee.

In case you were wondering how my haircut turned out, I look stunningly like Posh Spice.

I don't really look that much like Posh Spice.  I just look like myself, with shorter hair.

And of course, you've probably heard that Google Reader has disappeared by the time this post is published.  Hopefully you remembered to switch over to a new feeder like Bloglovin or Feedly. If you didn't you can read Cassie's excellent tutorial on making the switch.


  1. Love the haircut! So spicy!

  2. Like the hair! ALMOST as much as the ping pong table in the living room! ;-) You are a good mom. That alone nails your good mom status.

  3. Love the hair. I'm glad you didn't veer into Kate Gosselin territory - it's dangerously easy to do with the bob.

  4. Beautiful hair cut and colour. Iam long over due. I wish we had room for a ping pong table. sigh.

  5. I love your new hairstyle! So cute. I am so envious of anyone with straight hair. It takes moving mountains to get mine straight.

  6. After all these months of growing out, you're inspiring me to want to cut my hair. (Won't do it quite yet...) And that table! Oy! Like someone above said, you've nailed down the good/cool mom title fer shure.

  7. Nice to see that your living room is now really being lived in .
    The tennis table looks like great fun and the best use of the space for the holidays
    Kind Regards

  8. LOVE your haircut! Some of our fondest memories with my son and his friends growing up we're ping pong games. it really was great entertainment and bonding time!
    xo Nancy


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