Monday, September 23, 2013

Downstairs bathroom (In Progress): possibilities for the vanity

I've hit a standstill in the downstairs bathroom.  My original plan was to paint the walls pale pink, the vanity coral, use the chiang mai dragon fabric as art, and put down a turquoise and electric green rag rug.

I love the pink walls, the art, and the valance, which I showed you a while back:

But then we turn to the other side of the room.  

I painted the mirror electric green.  I'm not so excited about it.  It feels too bright and not connected to the valance or the chiang mai art, despite the fact that the electric green is a pretty close match to the hanging vase in the chiang mai fabric.  This leaves me with a color dilemma.  

Actually, there are many more issues in this little vignette--the light is not centered over the vanity, or over the mirror, or even within the space.  Its just hanging out off randomly to the left.  The mirror is not centered over the vanity or within the space, and it is hung crookedly (not by me and I will fix it eventually).  The vanity itself is not centered in the space, and the countertop is not quite big enough for the vanity (look at the left side).  The sink is not centered in the vanity.  Eventually I plan on replacing the light fixture, the mirror, the vanity, and the floor, (and the shower stall and the window) but until then I am stuck with this offcenter mess. 

Anyways! Color dilemma! The green is not working out. 

I could paint the vanity deep pink and the mirror orange.  

I could paint the mirror a deeper, more olive green, and paint the vanity white. (Or vice versa.) 

I am limiting myself/committing myself to pink or orange or green.  Your thoughts?  


  1. I would commit to a vanity color first. It's going to be harder to repaint if you get it wrong. Then, I'd choose the mirror color. To choose the vanity color, I'd go with whatever you think is going to look best in the space. The mirror is much easier to experiment with. As for what kinds of greens--yeah, I love the olive idea. Think it would look great with those walls.

    It's going to look so much nicer, even with a little off-centeredness. :-)

    1. Good point on painting the vanity. I guess I am stuck between going bold with orange and pink, or calmer with white and olive. Decisions, decisions. I don't really feel like painting the vanity at the moment (going to, but not looking forward to it), so I'm just procrastinating over colors.

  2. My vote would be for a white vanity and coral or orange mirror. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

    1. I could be persuaded to do that color combo! I love the thought of an orange mirror.

  3. I would paint the cabinet the same pink as the wall. The mirror I would paint coral. Towels or other small accessories could be turquoise to bring in that color from the fabric.


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