Tuesday, September 24, 2013

mood board for yellow walls

A friend of mine has a beautiful home that she recently had painted.  There is an empty room off the front foyer that is painted yellow, and she hasn't decided what to do with it, so in a spare moment I made up some mood boards.

When I asked my friend what colors she decided on for paint, she described her house as "painted like a Mexican restaurant." The first floor is mostly terra cotta and yellow.  I think that someone who commits to a Mexican restaurant color scheme is not afraid of colorful furniture, so the first moodboard has bold teal to complement the golden yellow walls, with a punch of coral to relate to the surrounding rooms.

curtains / mirror / umbrella print / sofa / pillows / chair / pouf / coffee table / side table / lamp  / rug

The teal and gold ikat curtains were the starting point for the room.  With strong yellow walls you would want to repeat that color in a few places around the room, so I brought in a graphic yellow and white rug and yellow lamps.  The Murray sofa from Room and Board is actually the same sofa I have in my living room and I've been very happy with its clean midcentury lines (anchovy smell notwithstanding; presumably my friend could buy an anchovy-free sofa, although she has two boys so you never know).

For the second moodboard I went with a more neutral color scheme that would flow with the terra cotta in the surrounding rooms.

curtains / vulcan print / qo'nos print / chair / coffee table / pillow / rug / lamp / sofa

The second room is pretty close to my personal style lately.  I'm all over a leather sofa, kilim rug, comfy armchairs and ethnic accessories.  I would love to have this look in my own living room.  I'm trending a little more casual boho lately.  

Which do you prefer? 


  1. I love the first one! But, that pretty much lines up with my love of bright colors in all things. :)

  2. I like the furniture & vibe of the first one, but not with yellow paint. I actually had similar, more orange-y paint in my family room/kitchen several years ago. And lots of red accents: my own Mexican restaurant! It was a lot to live with. I'm evolving around to the concept of neutral walls with extreme colors in the furnishings/accessories.

    1. I myself am a lover of neutral walls and furnishings with brightly patterned curtains and pillows and painted furniture. I like to mix things up too often to commit to a permanent color, usually.

  3. I'm a sucker for vintage travel posters and all things Star Trek!

    1. I love vintage art, and my friend loves STar Trek, so it was a perfect fit!


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