Wednesday, October 16, 2013

relief paintings

That was an unintentionally long blogging hiatus.


I was paging through the CB2 catalogue the other day and came across these two paintings.

Deer Mom painting
Color Blind print
The techniques are essentially the opposite of each other--in the Deer Mom painting you have a shape laid down on a canvas and then painted over, and the shape is removed at the end to show the shape in relief.  In the Color Blind painting you have a design or shape laid down on the canvas and then painted over and around and left on the painting as a mixed media.  I love both of these ideas.

I'm so inspired by this! I have been looking for something to put over my fireplace mantel in the living room, and I think I am going to create something along these lines.  I have a 48 x 48 canvas out in the garage just waiting for paint.  Now if I can just find a few hours to actually get started.

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