Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Room Challenge: My Living Room, week 1

I'm super excited to join the linky party for Linda at Calling It Home's One Room Challenge! On Wednesdays nineteen designers are taking on a room to redecorate in six weeks, and on Thursdays everyone at home can play along by linking up.

I am going to be refreshing my living room and a bit of my dining room.  Since we moved in, our living room has been the room where our old furniture goes to die.  It will be starting off like this:

Everything in here is from our previous house. It is perfectly adequate, but it doesn't really fit this house.  I'd like to make it a bit quieter, and more centered around blues and reds instead of the rainbow.

I've made up a mood board for the new room.

My plans for the room include:

-new curtains
-two new chairs
-new art over the fireplace
-new art in the dining room
-a coffee table
-shelves for picture display
-do something in the far right corner

Here's hoping I can do it in six weeks!

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