Monday, March 31, 2014

Review of Starfish Indigo Pants from Lands End: don't buy them.

I've been meaning for a few months to write a complimentary review of these pants, because at first I loved them.  However, now I do not and this review will be scathing, not complimentary.

Last fall I gave away all my jeans.  I hate wearing jeans. I will admit that I probably have sensory issues, as I have many, many, many clothing rules that other people seem to find weird.  After 39 years of fruitless searching for a pair of comfortable jeans, I decided to embrace the fact that I am just not a jeans person, and I donated them.  All but one pair, in the extremely unlikely event that I find myself needing to wear actual jeans.  I don't find this to be a huge problem, as about nine months out of the year in southern California I can wear dresses.

However, for about three months here, it is a bit cool for dresses, and I prefer to wear pants.  If one is not going to wear jeans, then one must replace the jeans with some other type of pants.  I have a large selection of sweatpants and yoga-type pants,  but I will admit that they are not the most flattering items.  I have a few pair of what my mother would refer to as "slacks", but sometimes, I'd like something more casual than slacks but more dressy than yoga pants.

Enter the Lands End Starfish Indigo pants.

When I first got these, I fell in love.  These pants are a stretchy cotton knit made to look like blue jeans.  When I wear them, I look like I am wearing jeans! My favorite part is the elastic waistband. (Yes, this makes me an old woman.) They are stretchy and comfortable.  They are like leggings but not leggings!

Ok, I admit this pair of pants will not contour your bottom or make you look hot. They are for the older, slightly sagging crowd, not for a 25 year old who likes to go out to bars.  But they are SO COMFORTABLE.  Like, they have changed my life kind of comfortable.  I can wear faux jeans every day and look like other people!


A few days ago I bent over to pull on my faux jeans, and saw this:

Multiple pinholes of light shining through the material!  Horrified, I inspected all the seams.  My faux jeans are disintegrating before my very eyes.  All three pair I own have the same issue, over ALL the seams.

They are only four months old.  They have been washed mainly on the gentle cycle. I recognize that stretchy cotton knit is not as sturdy as denim, but I expect them to last longer than four months.  They cost $49 per pair, which is admittedly not a pair of Seven of All Mankind jeans, but still, not disposable clothing either.

I am seriously disappointed in these pants.  Don't buy them.  

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