Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ocean art in the dining room

I took a few thousand pictures of our vacation in Costa Rica in January.  We decided to blow one up on a canvas to hang...somewhere.  It was originally meant for the living room over the black fireplace, but....lets just say that the black fireplace has been giving me fits over picking art that looks nice.  The ocean picture wasn't quite right in that spot. I tried it in our bedroom; it wasn't bad. I like it best in our dining room and really pops against the white walls.

It isn't hung crooked, it is just my mad photography skillz.

The lamps are a placeholder for now; I would like to replace them with some sconces eventually.

I've missed having art on that wall; I loved the sight line from the other side of the house when we had the sunburst picture in there.  Its nice to have that burst of color again.

I picked this picture beacause I really liked the composition of the picture, with the colors of the ocean and the sky and the jetty and the random strangers.  I liked that there was human interaction in the picture.

We did consider a bunch of other pictures, and I am still considering moving this picture to the boys room or the upstairs bathroom and doing a series of smaller photo prints in the dining room.  

These are just a few I could choose from:

I don't think the picture will stay permanently in the dining room, but I'm enjoying it for the moment.

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