Thursday, May 22, 2014

Matters of Dire Importance: my hair

I am getting a haircut tomorrow.  A ways back I chopped off all my hair in an asymmetrical bob.  Of course, one can only have a tilted head for so long and now I have been growing it out.  I am at that terrible stage where it is horrendous and hot on my neck and I hate how it looks, and last week's 100+ temperatures made me think it is stupid to grow one's hair out over the summer.

Do I push on and suffer through a hot summer with scraggly hair on my neck?  Or just bow to the inevitable and chop it again?

If it matters, I do this pretty much every two years.  Chop, grow, repeat.  I have thin, fine, flat hair, so my "long" hair will not be the Voluminous Hair of My Dreams.  It will just be long enough for the Ponytail of Defeat.  I am aiming for about this long (that is me a year ago):

Currently my hair looks like this (boring, triangular-ish):

I am thinking of growing it out to this (which is probably at least another year of growing):

Or chopping it to this (which does not look drastically shorter or different, but is a good three inches shorter in the back than what I have now):

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