Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Room Challenge: Weeks Four and Five, condensed

See the previous three weeks here.

I was on the East Coast last weekend, visiting some family, and I just didn't have enough time to get a post up.  But I got to see my sisters for the Seventeenth Annual Spaghetti Dinner (and everyone else!) so I am a happy camper.

Week Four: the new coffee table arrived.  Actually, it arrived during Week Two but it sat in an enormous box blocking the front hallway until the end of Week Four.  I have been eyeing this coffee table for a year, and it serendipitously went on sale (and free shipping!) right as the One Room Challenge started.  Kismet, obviously.

This seems like the sort of table that one could decorate and style a million ways with lots of little tchotchkes and magazines and hoozywhatsits.  However, I am not in the season of my life where I can have lots of beautifully styled low surface tables and I will just have to accept that.  I did attempt to style it with three lone little tchotchkes, but Peter said "that doesn't look very good" and so we will just leave it bare.  The better to stage an epic Lego battle, my dear.

What about some art?  In my grandmother's house there is a picture of bicycles that I love.  It turns out the artist is actually an Orange County resident and his (expensive) oil paintings are sold in a gallery near here, but he has a few pieces that are sold as mass-produced art at Home Goods.  I came across this large printed giclee canvas at Home Goods, and thought, ooooooh that is perfect for over the fireplace. I do miss my minivan; getting this piece home in a Honda Accord was an adventure.

Over the past year I have cycled (har har) through eleventy-million different mirrors and pieces of art over that fireplace, never being totally satisfied with any of them.  THIS, however, I  am really happy with and love it.

Last but not least, stuff that will not get done, mostly due to budget constraints.  I had high hopes to put red tassels on the white drapes, like this curtain from Serena and Lily (inspired by this picture):

Unfortunately, I have eight 98-inch drapes, which equates to more than 40 yards of trim.  Similar trim is usually about $15 a yard.  I have found it as cheap as $5 a yard on ebay (still $200 worth of trim), but I do not have a sewing machine and so I'd have to pay someone to attach $200 worth of trim to 8 Ikea curtains.  I like to think that eventually I will get this done, because I think it will look fantastic, but it won't be by next week.

I'd also like to invest in blackout lined outside mount bamboo shades for the windows and take out the white venetian blinds.  I attempted to do the cheap bamboo shades from a large box hardware store, but they didn't come in the length or width that we need, so we returned the mistakes.  The blackout lined custom ones will be more expensive but I think they will be a good investment, especially seeing as the front corner of the living room is a fiery sauna in the late afternoon.....but again, not by next week.

I also had high hopes to paint the interior of the front door red by next never know, that one may get done.

Next week: the reveal!  Check out the rest of the link party here

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