Thursday, May 8, 2014

One Week Challenge, Week Six: the big reveal

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I am up to my eyeballs in ear infections and job hunting so nothing got done this week.  But, I feel like a fair amount got done from six weeks ago and I am liking the direction that the room is going, so I will count this challenge a success, if only half-completed.

The before:

The after:

I bought two navy poufs from Target for the boys to sit on when they are playing video games, and to provide some extra seating in the living room.  The boys love them, but I am sort of at a loss for where the poufs should live--for now they are residing behind the chairs.  I thought they would look good at the end of the coffee table between the chairs and sofa, but it looked busy and crowded.

I did not get around to painting the front door (as you can see by the two paint swatches, I haven't even finalized the paint color).  I did buy a rug.

I think a full length mirror would look lovely on that right hand side, wouldn't it?

The rug was a craigslist find.

I had high hopes, but I did not get to the dining room (seen here artfully cropped so that you can't see the mess).

Although there were a number of good ideas about what to do with the problem corner, I ended up putting Peter's Lego table back there.  Peter enjoys having a hideaway corner to build his stuff.  I am looking for some art to hang on the wall, but otherwise, I shall probably leave the Lego table there for a while.

Budget and time constraints meant I didn't finish the room, but I am liking the direction it is taking, and I do have plans on continuing it as time and budget allows (finishing the window treatments, installing blinds, pretty pillows for the chairs, more art, etc).   Thanks to Linda at Calling It Home for providing the impetus to get started on the space!

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