Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bedroom after

I have to give the credit for how this room looks to Kelly + Olive.  They took my Marimekko print and came up with this lovely, restful room.  They suggested the bedding, the rug, the lamps, the paint treatment on the dressers, and the new furniture arrangement.  I think the furniture arrangement has made a huge difference in the feel of the room.

Here's the bedroom after:

I originally had some panels from Ikea hung over the bedside tables that I wanted to frame, but came across these horrendously tacky gold woodwork mirrors at Homegoods.  I brought them home, took the woodwork off the mirrors, spraypainted them white, and hung the woodwork panels over the nightstands instead.  I love how they came out.

The oversized Marimekko print was the inspiration for the room. I wanted a calm and peaceful vibe for our bedroom, and this print spoke to me.  I ordered it from...ah, Sweden? Denmark? I forget....and framed it myself.  The frame is way cock-eyed, but you can't tell too much.  Kind of. The shield back chair is from our old dining set (I have painted them all and they live in various places around the house, like the foyer and my desk.)

The furniture arrangement makes so much more sense this way.  The dressers were put together on the long wall to make a dressing area, and the crib moved under the eave.  The Marimekko print now hangs on the wall next to the door where the dresser used to be.
The white Tullsta chair is from Ikea and has been a comfy place to nurse the Princess.

The rug is from Overstock, the pillows are from Etsy and Crate and Barrel.

The budget was stretched a bit thin, so instead of getting new matching nightstand as suggested, we used old tables we had around the house and painted them white.  The Mister's side was a small table from Target, and my side table was a play table from Ikea from our playroom.  I had the Mister take off the legs and put longer legs on using a 1x4.  I think it was a 1x4.  Maybe it was 2x4.  The lamps are from Crate and Barrel.

My sister found the octagonal mirror at a thrift store, and I painted it white.

I think one of the best transformations was the dressers. (See the full post on the dressers here.)  Painting the fronts white really made a difference. I am saving my pennies to get new hardware, but since I need 28 knobs and haven't been able to find the hardware I want for less than $4 apiece, its not high on the list right now.

I also painted my old jewelry box, which I bought for $5 at a garage sale a few years ago.

Although I've been talking about redecorating with a new blanket, I went out to the garage this weekend and pulled out an old comforter.  I'm not thrilled with how it goes with the decorating scheme, but its warm and its free.  And its huge and nearly touches the ground, so everyone gets enough blanket.  Its a Ralph Lauren comforter set from a few years ago, and its a very soft cotton, almost flannel type material.  Its a very menswear kind of look.
Wow, that looks wrinkled, doesn't it.  Well, I'm not ironing my bed for you people.


  1. LOVE. The whole room looks clean and stylish and bigger than it seemed in the before. Yay!


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