Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hallway gallery

Around the corner from the door into the apartment is a little hallway, with a cube bookshelf and a shoe cubby, where we keep our shoes and hats and gloves.  Because it is the wall behind the stair well it has a slanted gable-type wall that sticks out.  I've had a hard time figuring out what sort of art to put there. For a long time it was blank.

I put a long, skinny mirror there, but since it reflected adult waists, and none of the kids could see their heads there, it didn't seem like the right piece.  When I moved the long skinny mirror to beside the bathroom, I switched out the two bird pieces that were there, but eh, didn't like them there either.

It seemed like a good place for a gallery wall.  (Since the four I already have just aren't enough. See them here, here, here, and here.)  I don't know, something about putting a whole bunch of small things together just makes me happy, I guess.

And here it is! Sorry for the meh pictures, but its a narrow hallway and kind of hard to get a good angle.

The white square with flower and the red flower were on clearance from Target.  The upper left is a rendering of my son's name in Chinese that my father picked up in China a few years ago.  The lower right is Greg's handprints over a painting that he and Nana put together.

In the yellow frame is a cross-stitch my sister made.  The blue frame and the silver frame have some vintage prints from Vintage Printable.  I love that site.  The picture in the silver frame of the two boys fighting made me giggle. I included it because that's pretty much what my boys look like 90% of the time.

What's that you say?  Why, Lisa, you have a gallery wall full of some arty stuff and a bunch of blank frames?  Not even chunky, interesting frames arranged in a funky manner--just blank frames?

Yes, I know.  I plan on putting pictures of all the places the Mister and I have lived together in the blank frames.  Except I don't seem to have taken a single picture of any place we've lived in the last ten years.  Its on my list of things to do.  I should be able to get them all fairly soon, with the exception of Rumson, that's a hike and we don't know anyone down there to visit anymore.  Anyone live near Rumson and want to go take a picture for me?

I also had planned on doing something with the letter C.  I was originally thinking of putting some fabric on it, like this one from Aisle to Aloha, except I haven't found the right fabric...most of my fabrics have very large repeats and don't show the full pattern on a skinny piece, so I need a smaller pattern fabric.

No problem--I came across a great post with some yarn wrapped letters on Name Five Things, so I thought, yes! I will wrap it with yarn! Well.  In true "I am so not crafty" fashion, I couldn't figure out how to wrap it neatly around the curve.  You'll also note that the only yarn in the house was kind of rainbow colored. (Leftovers from Crazy Hat Day.) How do you get the yarn to stay down on that curvy part? It wrapped up all humpy like and looked stupid.

Lastly, I'd like a round frame instead of the black one all the way at the top, but I've been looking for weeks and can't find a round frame that has a wall hanger.

When I get all of the pictures of our former houses I will update. But that could be forever and a day away, so I'll just enjoy the empty frames for now.


  1. put glue on the letter c and wrap a single layer of yarn around it, won't look super duper but no worries, the glue holds it in place. Then go back over it again with another layer of yarn. The second layer will hide the glue and cover up any bare spots (can always do a third layer if necessary). And I recommend a less busy yarn. The mistakes are easier to hide if you have plainer yarn (and maybe a little thicker?)

  2. Your gallery wall looks great! I bet a "C" would be tough to wrap -- would an "I" work instead? :)

  3. Your gallery wall is perfect for that spot! It's so colorful and fun, and I love your idea of hanging photos of all the places you've lived together.


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