Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am grateful.

For so many things, but here are just a few.

For these little guys:

For this guy, who works so hard so I can be home with our kids, who turns a blind eye to my decorating obsession, who does everything he can think of to make my life wonderful:

For living in Craptasticville.  Not that I like Craptasticville, but living here means that we are all together as a family again, that the Mister is no longer commuting 5+ hours per day, and that my generous in-laws had the space for us.

For my sister, who has moved much closer and now I can nag her into visiting us ALL THE TIME.

For blogging, because it has made me start taking 1000+ pictures a month of my kids and our life.  I don't think I have a 1000 pictures of the previous five years.  Sorry, Greg, for not documenting the first five years of your life.  (I'm not saying they are all in focus or good pictures, but hey, better a blurry picture than none at all.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1.'re grateful for me! Yay! Also, I have the coolest hat in that picture haha.


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