Tuesday, November 20, 2012

decisions, decisions: which curtains in the master bedroom?

In not entirely unexpected news, I am ready to change my bedroom again.  I want something quieter and less colorful.  I feel kind of like this house is a crayon box of color and needs some calming down.  At least in my bedroom.  And Princess's room, that room is still a hot mess despite my best efforts. Luckily I am doing nearly everything from stuff I already have so my mistakes are not costing money.  On the other hand, maybe mistakes are made because I am forcing things that don't work because I already own them.

Last we saw the bedroom it looked like this, with its recently painted emerald green mirror and lamps.  It wasn't terrible, but I am feeling something a little more low-key.

You know what would look totally fabulous with that duvet and greek key shams?  These blue Ikea Stockholm Blad curtains.

That would look awesome.  Except I have already mentally put those blue curtains in my dining room as my Christmas present.

I took down the curtains and put away the blue duvet, and replaced them with my old living room PB Audrey curtains and a brown quilt.  I brought in my chevron pillows from the reading nook and an aqua coral pillow.

I also took down the naked lady and tried to put up a vintage Palisades Amusement Park poster we have.  Irksomely the Ribba frame that fit Naked Lady just fine is too big for the Pal Park poster.  This "use what you have" idea doesn't always work.  Maybe I should just leave this wall blank.  

Gary is growing a moustachio for Movember.

I was thinking that I might spray paint the mirror and the lamps again (blarg), but the beautiful peacock blue paint that I am picturing in my head apparently does not come in spray paint cans. I picked up a can of Krylon Cherry Red and Rutstoleum Lagoon.

(Yes, the lighting is terrible since its dark out.)  I am not excited about either one, truthfully.  Or it could just be that I am not overwhelmed with the urge to repaint these items at the moment.

Since writing the above paragraph about the blue Stockholm Blad curtains it has sort of taken root in my brain--I could just get those curtains and then keep the blue duvet and not paint anything!

What say you?  Blue duvet with blue Stockholm Blad curtains?  Or PB Audrey curtains with brown blanket?  Repaint the lamps and mirror red or peacock blue if go with the Audrey curtains?

Does anyone else hesitate to invest in really nice expensive stuff because in two years you'll be ready for something else?  


  1. I think you need to work even harder....paint the frame black with gold corners...you know that DIY one that has made the rounds...or blue with gold corners. I also think that you need to make a pelmet to go over the drapery rods. Good thing we don't live near each other...I have enough project, too :-) Oh, if is is blue and white, then that lamp would look smashing in that cherry red. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I own those blue/purple IKEA Blad curtains myself and they are goooood. ;) Leaning towards those for your room.

  3. Okay, Lisa ... I agree with what Linda says!! However, in regard to spending a little more on the nice stuff? I find I don't tire of it as easy ... feels better, hangs better, lives better! But trust me, I have both in my house ... budget plays a big role!! xo

  4. I vote blue, too. Not just because it would be easier--but that should factor in!

  5. I like the curtains as they are with the brown duvet- and I say go with the peacock- I have the same curtains in my living room and sprayed a Good Will brass lamp with peacock blue too- I have touches of turquoise, and yellow throughout the room with neutrals of gray and brown:)


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