Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tolix chair roundup

We have family visiting us for Thanksgiving!  We are excited to see them.  I am not so excited to have them sit on our dining chairs, which are in poor shape and in need of repair.  I am unlikely to get around to repairing them before Thanksgiving, so instead I am window-shopping for tolix chairs to replace them. (I will not be replacing them unless a set of six tolix chairs happens to fall into my lap for $50, but hey, I like window-shopping.)

Here is one of my absolute favorite tolix chair pictures.  I find woods and whites together to be the perfect backdrop for colorful accent pieces, and these yellow chairs and asian art just work so well in this space.  (You can see another view of the space here; it looks like the picture was probably propped weirdly in that corner for picture-taking purposes.)

image via Coastal Living

There are a number of places to get a tolix-style chair.  These chairs first came to my attention a few years ago in the Pottery Barn catalogue.

They are sturdy, they are metal, they will wipe off easily, and they seem like they would take a lot of abuse.  Unfortunately, they are $269 apiece.

Overstock has these tabouret chairs, which are the most economical option at $179 for a set of four chairs:

While these are cheap, and metal, and get fantastic reveiws on Overstock, I prefer the straighter tolix style to the curvy arms of the tabouret.

Home Decorators has a similar style for a pretty good price.  It looks a bit more squat and wider, but the measurements are the same as the Pottery Barn ones. I would like to get white, but this chair comes in dull chrome, pink and red.

Crate and Barrel has the Lyle chair, which also seems a bit curvier.  The nailhead/dots around the edge of the seat seem like it would dig into your thighs after a bit.

I do not consider Design Within Reach to be actually with reach, although I do note that they are cheaper than Pottery Barn AND have free shipping!

Amazon has one, although the shipping seems prohibitive ($32 per chair!):

If you've seen a tolix chair for a reasonable price, please leave a comment!


  1. I've had my eyes on the Overstock version for a year. I finally have the money saved, but it looks like I'm going to have to spend it on a new fridge instead. Boo. I think those chairs are a great investment.

  2. I saw some Tolix chairs in yellow at a French Bistro this weekend; they're awesome.

  3. I am searching for the same chairs! I will let you know if I come across anything better. I've seen them on www.industrywest.com, but they aren't cheap.

  4. LOVE the roundup- they are great! I love the option of being able to use a spray enamal and change the color of them- and the durability and timeless quality of them makes them super appealing! The nailhead detail of the Crate and Barrell option is super pretty- not sure how it would feel on the tush-like you said though?!

  5. One Kings Lane has some today: https://www.onekingslane.com/product/17235/1010924


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