Monday, November 12, 2012

Rose Bowl flea market

On Sunday the Mister and I went to the Rose Bowl flea market, which I have wanted to visit for years.  It was fascinating!

I did not see Emily Henderson, but I did have a pretty good time.

I had a shopping list--a set of dining chairs, a small dresser, a bowl, and a set of dishes.  I did not get a single thing on that list.

I found some tolix chairs that were reasonably priced for antiques, but I did not want chippy orange paint and they were too expensively priced for a re-do.

I do like busts, as you may have guessed.  I saw a number of interesting, non-grecian busts that I think would be fabulous additions to my collection--who doesn't love a bust of Chairman Mao or Abraham Lincoln?

Unfortunately the Mister does not share my predilection for representations of people's head and upper torsos. I also saw a number of oil painting portraits, but the Mister does not share my passion for oil-painted portraits either.

Luckily the Mister does share my passion for beer brats.  They were delicious and the closest thing on the menu to breakfast (we skipped the "excellent garlic fries" at 9 am).

I didn't get anything on my shopping list, but I did come home with two items.

These grape-y things caught my eye.  I tried to haggle the vendor down, but he stood firm on the price so I bought them anyways.  One booth over was another bunch for $10 cheaper (grrr).  I comfort myself that despite these being overpriced they were the nicest color and will look nice in the living room.

My other exciting purchase is a set of lion heads.  I have no idea where Aslan 1 & 2 will go, and they weigh a ton.  But I liked them so much I bought them, knowing I would kick myself if I left them behind. They will probably find a home in the living room, since the dresser in the foyer also has lionhead hardware.  (Pictured alongside the baseball cap for scale--they are pretty big.)

Found any fun stuff at thrift stores or flea markets lately?



  1. My Homegoods has 3 orange Tolix chairs right now for 69.00 each. Not sure if you have a Homegoods close but if so, you may want to swing by. Love the lion heads and jealous of your trip to the RB flea. Oh and I have hot pink grapes in my living room :) - Brandy

  2. I too don't like collecting busts. But I love the grape you find a good one. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  3. If u can't find a home for Aslan 1 or 2 send them to me cause I <3 them big time! In fact I am now official on the hunt for some LOL

  4. Got to go thrifting this weekend for the first time in quite a while. We were on the lookout for portraits (feeling grateful to have a guy who shares my affinity for them), but our outing was a bust. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.) We did find some other paintings we liked, but no portraits. Think it's going to be a while before the gallery wall in our heads makes it to our entry.


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