Thursday, November 1, 2012

Land of Nod dollhouse and dolly

Land of Nod has had some really fanstastic stuff this year.  Although I love pretty much most of their catalogue, this doll is adorable and I think will be making its way under Princess's Christmas tree:

My boys are obsessed with ninjas.  These matryoshka dolls would be such a cute decorating accent for a child's room:

Also, the Land of Nod blog posted this dollhouse, and I think it is such a fantastic idea.  This one may be happening for the Princess if I can squeeze it in before Christmas.

Princess's room is not big enough for a dollhouse, but she does have this type of cube unit in her room already.

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  1. That doll house is so cute! I think I could do that. Of course my little girl would prefer the ninjas.


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