Wednesday, October 24, 2012

master bedroom: campaign mirror and Gary's new home

In keeping with my theme of using what we have, Gary moved upstairs and I painted the lamps and a mirror I had laying around.

I don't have a "before" picture of the mirror, but it was an ugly birch melamine.  This mirror has been sitting around the garage for quite a while and never been used, because it weighs about 400 lbs.  It came as a part of the set of campaign furniture I bought off craigslist (that was later stolen).

There really should be some more stylistic crap on that dresser, shouldn't there?  Unfortunately a fancy vignette would be impractical, seeing as we like to heap the dresser high with laundry and stuff that should be thrown in the trash can two feet away.

I wanted to give Gary some pukka beads but apparently they are not de rigeur anymore so he settled for a necklace I already have.

The lamps were also painted Krylon Emerald Green.

I am wondering if I should have left the naked lady over the dresser and put the mirror on the side of the bed where the naked lady is now.  The Mister has shown a distinct lack of interest in moving the 400 lb mirror to a different wall.

You might have noticed that I brought back the blue duvet cover and greek key shams from our old bedroom in the last house.  The woodland duvet curtains will also be coming down as soon as I find the time to put the trim on the new curtains.

Last but  not least, a headless shot a la AB Chao:


  1. it looks so good in there! i love the mirror where it is- it makes more sense over a dresser. loving all your colors! great job, lisa!

  2. I hate styled furniture, it's better empty (or full of laundry)...and I must say, I'm loving the vibe in that room! The green color is awesome, unexpected.

  3. I love the lamps and mirror. That green has been my favorite lately! I liked that you placed them opposite each other in the room, spreading that pop of green around. Your little one reminds me of my Sophie, always getting in my pictures. It's fun that they are curious about what we do. :)

  4. It looks wonderful. I love the mirror and Gary makes me laugh which means he is a definite keeper. - Brandy

  5. Love Gary! and the arrangement in your bedroom. Great job Lisa!


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