Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Princess's room: the layout and the defeat

The Princess's room is not going very well.  Every single thing I have done in that room so far has turned out poorly.

I freely admit that space planning is not one of my abilities. When we decided to get Princess a queen bed, we taped it out on the floor to see how it fit.

No problemo, right?  Um, well, actually, yes problemo.  See that little snippet of rocking chair in the lower left corner?  See how the tape pretty much goes under the seat of that chair?  Even if we move the bed over so that it is schooched up against the closet, that still leaves about six inches between the chair and the bed. Seeing as this is the third time I've used this picture, I probably should have noticed this earlier.

I have taped off other various ways of arranging the room (going through a lot of tape, yo), and that chair doesn't fit in there with that bed.

So! Since we already bought the bed, the chair is moving out.  My baby's crib and my baby's rocker (my first baby! I bought that rocker when I was pregnant with Greg! THIS IS THE END OF AN ERA!) are gone.  Its a big girl room now.  Sob.

My original plans for this room were to essentially just plop a big girl bed in it, use art and bedding we already have, and spend essentially no money in here.  

I thought that we would just use queen sheets from our old queen bed from a few years ago, and the blanket from our old bed.  Except apparently I donated all the old queen sheets but for one dark brown pair that we use for the air mattress. (Damn you, William Morris.) The old blanket from our queen bed was actually a king blanket, and since we bought a very low platform frame for the new bed, the king blanket hangs a good eighteen inches off either side.  No way of folding or arranging the king blanket is working to make it fit the bed.

Perhaps a dry cleaner would hem this blanket down to a better size?

The mirror I wanted to use over the bed is not the right scale. I also realized that hanging a mirror over a toddler's bed in earthquake country is not one of my better ideas.

I think I am falling back and regrouping for a while. I need a plan of attack.  Its not about the stuff, right?  I keep telling myself that.


  1. You wanna hang a mirror over the bed? Isn't that kind of ... porny? I mean, I am not like all judgmental about it, just confused and surprised because isn't she like 3?

  2. OK, just screwed up my comment, so I'll give you the Reader's Digest version: Hear you on all frustrations. Been there, done that. All 3. Taking a break from it is the best thing to do.


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