Monday, October 15, 2012

the weekend

Our weekend was spent building stuff.

Princess got a new pink kitchen.  I gave away our old play kitchen because it was enormous and just didn't fit in the room very well.  I had all these big Pinterest ideas of DIY-ing a cute little bitty kitchen. I even went so far as to buy a cheap Ikea nightstand to make it with, sat in the garage for months. 

I gave up and ordered this kitchen from Costco.  It is dainty, pink, came with a fridge, and fit the space perfectly.

It also arrived in about four hundred pieces.

Once upon a time the Mister and I used to eat out on Friday nights.  Now we do manual labor. 

We also picked up a bed for Princess.  We built that too.

The Mister, as he wrestled three very heavy boxes up the stairs, said "When I turn 40 I am done with this Ikea sh*t."  I have to say I heartily concur.

I painted some stuff.  The children turned the sprinkler on and soaked all the items.

And we cleaned the garage. Again.  And took much of the overflow to a storage unit.  I have no pictures.

How was your weekend?  

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  1. Just look at that Q-T! I am sad that the princess days are over. In hindsight, they went fast. I am happy we don't have naked Barbies all around.


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