Thursday, October 11, 2012

Princess's room: Nester makes me rethink it.

For the past hour I composed a post about possible headboards for the Princess's room, and it was all I want I want I want.  My original idea for a pretty headboard was only available in a twin, and now that I've bought Princess a queen bed, that option won't work.  It was also a very cheap option in a twin, and now that I've bought a queen bed, I've used up my budget for the room.

I took a break from writing and hopped over to the Nester's 31 Days series.  And immediately felt ashamed of myself.  Have you been following along with Nester's 31 Days, where she writes about having an intentional home?  Its an excellent series--I'm a little behind on my blog reader, so I hadn't yet seen it.  The second post asks "what is the purpose of your home?"  The fourth post notes that your home is "not about the stuff."

And those are two important things that sometimes I forget.

I really like shopping for my house. I like dreaming up moodboards. I like spending money on furniture and art. I like doing DIY projects. I like sharing DIY decor on my blog.  But the purpose of my home is not to provide fodder for my blog. (It is certainly a by-product, but not the true purpose.)

The purpose of my home is to provide a warm, nurturing, casual, and welcoming place to live for my family.  Its not about the stuff.  Its not about the fabulous headboard I wanted. My three year old will not be impressed by the headboard.  Its not about what will be fun to share on my blog. Its not about how I want an item I can't afford.  Why do I focus on that?

Its about my family. Its about providing a functional place for them to live.  Attractive, yes, but functional.  I have a playroom sofa with clean midcentury lines that I like, but I don't care if the kids eat yogurt and popsicles on it.  I have a gallery wall of art, and fifty percent of it is created by my kids.  I have a gallery wall of photos, and they are all family and friends. I have two ottomans that I hate, but the Mister likes them better than any alternatives I have suggested, so they stay.

I sometimes look around and wish that my house were more sophisticated and glamorous. I sigh over the peeling paint on my dining chairs, and the yogurt and popsicle stains on my sofa. I wish that I were more Design Within Reach than Ikea.

But I'm not. My house is not glamorous, or sophisticated, but it is warm and cozy.  It has numerous spots to curl up with a good book, or challenge your sibling to the Ultimate Bey Blade battle, or eat without fear of ruining the upholstery. It is filled with art I find meaningful, and furniture that is comfortable.  It may not be glamorous, but it is a nice place to live.

The entire point of buying a queen bed is to give our family a comfortable place to sleep when they visit.  What headboard I put up is irrelevant.  (That won't stop me from shopping for one, but I will try not to get so worked up about not finding the perfect one.)  Decorating is a hobby.  Its a hobby that I greatly enjoy, but, still, just a hobby.

Its not about the stuff.

Greg, using a table not for its intended purpose.

My friend Rita at This (Sorta) Old Life has made it into Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest. Check it out and vote for her bathroom if you are so inclined, pretty please?


  1. Bravo ... I think we are all "re-thinking!" why we do this ... for ourselves and our clients. We have to know our most important purpose is to take care of those we love and the fact that we can have a home, no matter how big or small, we are blessed!

  2. I have had this exact subject on my mind many times over the last year. I have caught myself doing things or buying things because I want to write a post about them. I always end up with a slightly guilty feeling bc it doesn't feel like money well-spent. I would take a cozy lived-in house any day over a perfectly designed one...I just need to remember that more!

  3. Hey Lisa,
    I love this post. You have so nicely articulated what I hope our whole blog is about. It's why we got rid of the green couch/chair. It's why I can't post more often or fix things up more quickly. I think I like your blog so much because it is so real--meaning, so real to the life I'm living. I get irritated with others that are only about design. Design out of context is useless to me, especially home design. Thanks for summing this up so well. And thanks, too, for the shout out. We're not really in the running, but it's fun to be in the race.

  4. I have been loving that series!
    And if anyone can make/find/invent a cheap and awesome headboard, it's you. I have faith.

  5. I love this post! I'm going to check the series out for sure. My philosophy is do your best to have a happy home. Everything else will fall into place. - Brandy

  6. Does it help that I find your house both glamorous and comfortable, which is the Platonic ideal of design as far as I'm concerned?

    It's great that you're so intentional about it, though. I struggle with the focus on Pretty stuff vs. what that stuff does for me & my family, so I understand where you're coming from, but you seem to do a great job balancing the two.


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