Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I must, I must, I must increase my bust.

If you saw yesterday's post, then you probably figured out that I bought a pair of busts over the weekend.  I have been searching for a white grecian style bust for about two years, and lo and behold, craigslist gives me not one but two in one weekend.    

Meet Gary and Elaine, star-crossed lovers forever separated at opposite ends of the mantelpiece.  

Gary was evicted when his owner moved in with his girlfriend and the girlfriend, quote, "is forcing me to sell all my stuff on craigslist."  I'm sure that relationship will last.  Gary also came with a valuable and architecturally interesting column, but I drove a hard bargain to not take the column. 

Elaine came from a broken home in Santa Ana.  Remarkably, Gary and Elaine are nearly the same size and are the same finish, which is a lovely coincidence. 

Gary and Elaine are a bit too big for the mantelpiece.  They rendezvous in front of the fire, instead.  

Elaine gets in a tiff; they stare coldly in the opposite direction.  

Elaine storms off to live on the dresser in the foyer.  

Gary gazes forlornly into the distance by himself.  

I am not running a home for wayward grecian busts; is two busts in one space too many?

Elaine looks pretty awesome in the foyer and I plan to leave her there.  I like Gary in front of the fireplace, but am willing to move him to my bedroom.  

Advise, invisible internet friends!


  1. Well, I'm not sure your husband would welcome another man in the bedroom. Or maybe he would... you ARE Californians now. But I digress. And I do want to know if Gary will gaze contemplatively into the fire on those cold (60) CA nights. Or could he survey his domain from the top of the bookcase? Will we ever know?

  2. Love them! I think Gary would be happy here in the Midwest.

  3. A) The title. Had me giggling to myself before I even read your post
    B) LOVE Elaine in the foyer. Think maybe Gary should be relocated to the bedroom
    C) Though, I am partial to positioning Gary & Elaine in a "tiff" for hilarity - maybe on top of the bookcase if they decide to travel

  4. I do think the two of them 'in love' or not in front of the fireplace is kind of a kick! But even better is that they can be moved on your whim!! xo

  5. I think Elaine really loves the table in the entryway

  6. Elaine is definitely rockin' the foyer, and I like the playfulness of having 2 busts sharing the same space. I say leave them where they are for now to work on their issues.

  7. Your busts are impressive. I like Elaine in the foyer for sure. as for Gary, I think he can bust a move anywhere in the house that needs him;)

  8. I still think it's funny :)! Besides, the Greek gods did that sort of thing all the time, so your awesome story is totally fitting. I keep telling people that Classical mythology would make awesome fodder for prime time brain drain drama. Nobody listens. (so sad)

  9. Yes, I think the bedroom for Gary. And I like Elaine in the foyer. Now, you need to tell me what to do with the twin lamps I bought!

  10. Ha. Stoked that I'm the first one to high-five you on the "Are You There God...?" reference in the title. Tee-hee.

    Love the busts...both of 'em!

  11. Love these! I love things that are quirky and cool at the same time. It also shows you have a good sense of humor and don't take things so seriously which is a must in my book. - Brandy

  12. Lisa, you crack me up! I love your Busts! :) I think Elaine looks stunning where she is, Gary is jealous of her height and appears to be pouting. I wrote about you on my blog tonight. Hope you don't mind. I had to show off your splatter paint.


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