Thursday, October 18, 2012


I spent some time last night window shopping for bedding for the Princess...not buying anything for a bit, but I do like to shop.   There is lots of beautiful bedding out there.

I have a gift certificate to West Elm that I have been hoarding for a while, perhaps this Fair Aisle duvet might work with her pink Emmy curtains.  I LOVE this bedding, especially the standard shams.  It has a lovely casual but pretty vibe to it.  To be honest, it reminds me of a quilt my mother would have made when I was a kid.

Or this large pink buffalo check from Ikea.

I don't think this one will go with the curtains at all, but I think its super pretty:. Which is weird because I do not really like purple.

This one is also pretty, but I think too busy to go with the curtains:

Land of Nod has some lovely bedding and I would get this immediately, but they do not carry queen sizes.

Seen any noteworthy bedding lately?


  1. I like the pink buffalo check. It's classic, neutral enough to go with many decor styles, and you can add lots of other colors to it. Plus, it's got to be reasonable, so when you're tired of it (or she decides at age 6 that she wants something new), you can swap it out without guilt.

  2. Agreed - the pink buffalo check is sweet.

  3. Those are all so pretty...I tend to put things in my online shopping cart and never buy them. For some reason, that is satisfying enough. For a while!

  4. I love the West Elm bedding!

  5. The top one is best - if she grows out of loving pink she can still use that duvet and just emphasize a different color within it.


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