Thursday, September 18, 2014

31 Days

Nester's 31 Days of blogging about something for an entire month is coming up in October, and I am thinking of joining.  There's no way I have enough budget or time to do 31 DIY or decor projects in October, but I do like the thought of getting back to daily blogging.   I guess that would be closer to a NaBloPoMo rather than a 31 Days, as the 31 Days is supposed to be centered around a theme.....I'll throw it out there though.

What would you like to read about here?  Is there is anything you'd like to hear me talk about? (Since blogging once a month is not conducive to high readership, I might be writing solely for myself.)  I'm thinking about talking about my thoughts on minimalism and how it has impacted our lives this year. I hope I can get 31 posts out of that topic.

What about you?  Will you be joining the 31 Days? 

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