Thursday, September 4, 2014

most favorite spot / least favorite spot

From a functional standpoint, I have a favorite room in the house. One of the top three reasons I bought this house was because of this teeny space under the stairs:

That is our walk-in pantry.  It is a tiny, 34 by 65 inch space tucked in under the stairwell (hence the slanted ceiling).  It is SO FUNCTIONAL.  It holds all of our food, and all of our kitchen gadgets, like the coffee pot, kitchen aid, crockpots, bread machine, etc.  Its not really wide enough to take pictures in, but it is quite organized, with all the like items with like items.  It is not decorated at all, but after years of houses where food was stored in free standing cabinets in the basement or living room, it makes me very happy.


My least favorite spot in this house is the step-down in the foyer.  It is the biggest waste of space due to poor design.

If this floor were level throughout, the space could easily accommodate a round skirted table, like this:

Instead, because of the step-down, there is about a 10 x 10 space that is not usable as anything other than a step.  10 x 10--that is practically an entire ROOM of wasted space because of poor design.

We looked into raising the floor when we put in the laminate floors, but it was beyond our budget.  We could have filled the space with concrete, but then the fireplace box needed to be raised, and then the windows weren't to code, and it became a giant money-sucking pit, so we just left it as is.

What's the favorite/least favorite spot in your house?

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