Saturday, January 21, 2012

mentally redecorating the downstairs bathroom

I'd love to redo (more accurately, "do" for the first time) my downstairs bathroom. Visually, this bathroom is nothing to write home about.  It has dark hunter green floor tiles, white square-tiled walls, and a matching green accent tile about halfway up the wall.  Everything in this bathroom is builder-grade and clearly meant for taking abuse in a rental house.  

When we moved in I put up the aqua trellis shower curtain from our old apartment and called it a day, thinking I would figure out how to deal with that green later. I had thoughts about putting this shower curtain up, but that curtain was out of stock for a long time.  Its back now, but I think we will move out of this house when our lease is up in a few months, so spending money on this bathroom doesn't make sense.

But that doesn't stop me from daydreaming, does it?

I think this Urban Outfitter rug, this Furbish ikat shower curtain (not available on the website, I took the picture from here), and this Etsy print would be fabulous. This combination would complement the green without having to actually find items that contain hunter green.

What room are  you daydreaming of redoing?


  1. You know which room I'm daydreaming about? All of them. I like your choices:)

  2. Just read half your blog. I'm officially a fan!

  3. We have the same tile in our kitchen. At first I pretty much hated it, but it's growing on me. I agree that you don't have to find things with the same green. Grays and oranges can look pretty good with it.

  4. Well, as I work on my dining room...I look over at the hallway and think...You're next!

  5. I love those things! And I was at Urban Outfitters today and saw that rug -- it's awesome! And don't get me started on the ikat shower curtain.


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