Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pompom lampshade

I have a lovely yellow lamp that I bought years ago in Macon, Georgia.  When we lived in the apartment I really wanted this lampshade, but instead DIYed the lampshade with a yellow bamboo fabric, and it looked nice:

Unfortunately, it was involved in a minor mishap prior to moving and I took the fabric off the lampshade to wash it.  I washed it, and then.....I have no idea where that fabric is.  Not a clue.  I put it in a safe place, I'm sure.  I have looked everywhere, but it hasn't shown up.

Since I can't find the the fabric to recover it, I took some pompoms--I love pompoms!--and glued them to the bottom of the shade.

Sophisticated?  Not so much. But cute, sure!  The bamboo fabric was my favorite, and if I ever find it again I will use it WITH the pompoms.  Double the goodness!

You know you are kind of obsessed with pompoms when your husband stands in Target, picks up a lampshade and says "how about this one? You could pompom the hell out of it."


  1. Your husband is funny. :)

    I love the lamp with the pompoms.

  2. I love pompoms! Used to love the socks with them as a kid. I'd probably rock them today too.

  3. love it! and your husband sounds really funny, I have a thing for pompoms too, hoping to sew some pillows soon with pom pom trim! I just became a follower and I'm really enjoying your blog:)

  4. Love it- super duper cute and very retro-chic!

  5. I love the poms poms so cute! You should add some more pom pom trim to curtains or pillow!

  6. Your husband's comment made me laugh out loud!! I think husband's who marry people like us have to have a good sense of humor! Thank goodness mine does too! Love the pom poms!!


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