Monday, January 2, 2012

my sister Sarah's living room

I finally got down to my sister Sarah's house last week to take pictures. This fall she moved into a small townhome after living in a corporate hotel for a long time, and had very little furniture, so we were decorating the apartment from almost entirely from scratch.  Craigslist, Ikea and family donations were what we based the design on.  You can see the original moodboard here.

Here is her living room. I wish I had better pictures (don't you hate when you take pictures and go to put them on the blog and then notice a dog and babygate and blown-out sunglare in the picture but since its two and a half hours away you aren't exactly going to go drive down and back for a reshoot), but these will have to do.

We hung the gallery wall of song quotes with command strips. The frames are the Ribba frame from Ikea, filled with song quotes that Sarah printed off on plain white paper in a large font.

The walls were already painted this medium beige color, which happened to work really well with the rusty red sofa she already owned.  I love love love how the gallery wall around the tv came out. (Ignore the giant speakers hardwired into the ceiling.)  The one thing that is missing is I bought Sarah a five arm arc lamp off craigslist, that is currently living in my garage.  Hopefully she can come get it soon, since it doesn't fit in my minivan with all my kids for me to drive it there.

Her bedroom is also nearly finished. I just picked up the world's ugliest lamps today at Goodwill that I plan on transforming, and so hopefully the room will be done very soon.  Here is a sneak peak of her favorite accessory (that would be the dog):


  1. He's so handsome...even when he photobombs your picture. :) I do love my living room, can't wait for the lamps.

  2. I love it all, but especially the couch. Nice color!

  3. The room looks wonderful! Love the gallery wall! What a statement!

  4. Love those drapes and the side chair. Nice use of the red :) The pooch is too cute too! Her place is great! Good job sis.

  5. It looks great! I love the idea of the song lyrics. I was actually thinking of doing lyrics (to 1 song) in a bathroom. Is that weird?

    Oh, and Weiner dog is also my favorite accessory

  6. I have that issue too when I take my photos. Love the song lyric idea!

  7. The song lyric gallery is definitely my favorite item in the room--thanks everyone!


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