Thursday, April 19, 2012

art possibilities for the boys room, house #10

The boys' room currently looks like this:

I need to paint that blue bookshelf white, and add orange baskets for toys.  On the wall to the left (not shown), I will be hanging the six framed DVD covers.

My budget for this room is limited, so I'm using mostly what we have.  I've thrown together a few mood boards that don't quite bring my vision to life.

First up, blue striped curtains that are currently in the room, orange lamp, the dvd cover art, and two large scale, blown-up photos of the boys.  I would frame the photos and hang them over their beds, like this room. The only thing new would be the blown-up photos, as I already have everything else.

The second option changes a few things.

First, I would take down the blue striped curtains, stretch them over wood frames, and hang them behind each bed.  The picture above looks like they are above the beds, but they would stretch from the floor to nearly the ceiling.  In the middle of the canvas I would hang the two orange canvases I made for the boys in the last house; they say "You are awesome" and "I love you a bushel and a peck".

Over the white bookcase would be a campaign mirror I have, which I would paint orange.  I am unsure of this option, as it means there are basically six rectangles against that wall.  Perhaps a circle mirror would be better?

 I couldn't fit the lamp in the picture, but there would be an orange lamp there, since the room does not have overhead lighting. I think I may also look for a plug in pendant lamp to help with overhead lighting.

Lastly, since I would be repurposing the striped curtains, I would bring in these ZGallerie orange trellis curtains.  This is a bit of a splurge, but it would be the only thing I would have to buy (plus a minimal amount of lumber to make the striped canvas frame), as I already have everything else in the room.

Lastly, the third option, which is a round mirror and white drapes with orange trim.

Again, this still uses the striped curtains as a large scale art treatment behind the headboards, but here I would use a round orange mirror over the white bookshelf.  (I have a round mirror I will paint orange. Seriously, you have no idea the amount of decor stuff I have in the garage.)  This is a little less rectangle-rectangle-rectangle along the wall.

This also uses plain white curtains, which I would trim with an orange fabric or ribbon.

I could use any combination of the above three options.  To recap, I am thinking of changing the drapes, putting up a mirror, and looking for art over the beds.

I have not yet decided on which way I am going to go; these are just ideas I have floating around.  Your thoughts?


  1. I love the patterned drapes - would their photos go w/ that look - The huge art would be amazing!

  2. I really like the boy's pictures. although the round mirror option is my second choice.

  3. i love the oversized images above their beds. i think you could get them dressed in the colors of the room and it would really pop on the wall!

  4. Leaning towards option #2. I bet you could do a killer DIY of those ZGallerie curtains using drop cloth and a trellis stencil. If we only had unlimited time and patience!

  5. I like all of those options. I know. I'm a big help.

  6. I like Option 2 with the zgallerie curtains but how long will you be here? I'm not sure that buying another set of curtains is a good idea for a room that you won't be in very long. Then again, you may be there forever and it's important it be home.

    The white curtains with trim may be more vesatile in the end. I absolutely love the third and fourth board--the orange round mirror is a must!

  7. OOOH
    Okay-I was gonna vote for #2, until I saw #3:) I like how the round mirror breaks up the multiple rectangles- but I really love the idea for behind the beds in 2&3- super cool- and super resourceful and graphic- and i love the balence of the white with a little orange curtains
    Great work!!

  8. Voting for the round mirror, for sure! Also like the white curtains with orange trim.

  9. I like all of the options and love the round mirror, but I would go for option #1. I love the curtains you currently have on the window, the photos of the boys, and I like the lamp on the bookcase because it is nice to have for reading in bed, but I would move it to one side or the other and add a smaller mirror (maybe you have another one?) of some sort on the other side or perhaps the rectangular one would work since the lamp is round.


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