Friday, April 13, 2012

umbrella stands

I need a pretty umbrella stand. It rains in California far more often than I was expecting.  Reasonably priced umbrella stands seem to be in short supply.

This one from Home Decorators is whimsical:

I love these woven baskets from West Elm, might one use them as an umbrella stand?  But the lid is part of what makes it so pretty, so perhaps not.  I'll be honest, I'd love a large and small one for in front of my fireplace, but the price is kind of prohibitive.

Or the Target version (no pretty colors):

To be honest, the only umbrella stand I have found that I consider reasonably affordable is this one from Target:

Galoshes, perhaps?

I haven't been able to find too many umbrella stands that are bright and vibrant and under $50.  Have you seen any?



  1. OKL is having a 30% sale if you use the code spring30. I saw some umbrella stands.

  2. I just use one of those galvanized French flower market vases, and you could spray paint one a bright color... but now that I've seen the owl one I might have to switch it up!

  3. I have a ceramic elephant umbrella stand, similar in style to the owl, but got it for about $10 at a yard sale years ago.


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