Monday, April 16, 2012

To the dump

When I was a kid, I spent many a day at trash dumps.  My father is a pollution engineer, and we had many family outings centered around seeing a new trash plant.

Trash to steam plant? Been there.  Tullytown garbage dump?  Has a hell of a lot of pigeons.  The best trash vacation, however, was the one near Hershey, Pennsylvania.  "Hey kids! We are going to Hershey!"  Imagine our faces when we discovered we were not going to the Hershey amusement park, but to the trash plant nearby, where my father took pictures while we sat on the top of the hill, looking down into the dump below.  My father then took us, not to the Hershey amusement park with all the rides and waterparks....but to the Hershey museum across the street.

My father has never lived this trip down.  I bet that in 1986 when we went to the museum my father did not think that he would still be hearing about it in 2012.   You'll notice that my mother scrapbooked these pictures with the caption "the infamous Hershey Park trip."

That is one fabulous haircut I am rocking in 1986.

Keeping with longstanding family tradition, this weekend the Von Trapped family had a family outing to the dump.

We have gotten a handle on our trash problem.  We recycle everything!  This has really cut down on having an overflowing trash can, since the garbage company will only pick up one trash can.  Unfortunately, now our recycling bin is overflowing.  We have simply moved our trash problem from the trash can to the recycling can.  And since the trash company will only pick up one recycling can....we have to take our extra recycling to the dump.

My children do not like the dump. "Its stinky."  I recall saying something similar thirty years ago.

I  am my father's daughter.  I can't wait for my parents to come visit us so we can relive some childhood memories.   Bring your camera, Daddy.


  1. So glad I'm not the only one with a dad who thinks a trip to the dump is a good time! This made me smile...and it wasn't just that haircut of yours ;)

  2. I can't believe they only take one can of recycling too. What is their purpose? Are they trying to make you cut way back on consumption by doing that? But then you have to take extra to the dump. So why don't they just take the extra recycling instead of having it end up in dump? It simply makes no sense.

    On another note, your hair looks like it's strawberry blonde. You have a beautiful color. You look like you only need a few highlights and a good trim. Otherwise, it's very pretty.

  3. I have to say one benefit to living in an apartment is the trash chute and massive recycling containers. I love being able to load them both up without feeling like I have to cram them all in one can!

  4. So, I am also our father's daughter. I am planning to visit all sorts of trash and power plants while in Europe this May. Voluntarily. :)


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