Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color My World week 4: fabric

Week four of the Color My World Challenge---fabric!  Last week I said there would be a linky party today where you could link up your colorful item--I am not so great at following the rules, as is obvious from the fact that I picked two colors instead of one for this challenge...and thus I must inform you that the linky party is NEXT week.  If I had read the instructions I would have known that.

Moving on!

I looked in stores and online for a pretty pink or orange fabric for curtains in the bathroom, but nothing really spoke to me.  My budget for the bathroom was about $50 total, and I had about $5 left after buying the rug and spray paint.  I did like the orange trellis curtains from ZGallerie, but they were $50 for one long panel, which was a budget buster, especially for an item that I would be cutting up into cafe curtains.

As usual, I turned to the decor labyrinth known as my garage.  After much huffing and puffing and moving of boxes and a wee bit of swearing, I found the bin with the fabrics.  And inside the bin with the fabrics was a yard of this pretty orange, pink and raspberry pinwheel fabric:

What happened, actually, was that I was surfing the web, looking for pink and orange fabric, when I came across a picture of a pillow in this material, and thought to myself "hey wait a minute I HAVE that somewhere," which led to the rearranging of the garage.  This is why I need a cabinet dedicated to fabric display.

I cut the yard in half, ironed the edges with hemming tape, threw up a curtain rod and rings also found in the garage, and voila, cafe curtains.

Check out all the other lovely bloggers and their color challenges!  And NEXT week, swearsies, there will be a linky party and me discussing my feelings about pink and orange.

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  1. that fabric is so fun! your bathroom got quite the happy makeover through this!

  2. Isn't it amazing what we have buried in the "garage"? Another check off your list...yeah!

  3. Haha, funny what you can find in a garage. What fun fabric!

  4. I love finding stuff like this! the fabric is perfect for your bathroom!

  5. So cute, and talk about thrifty. It doesn't get much better than free!

  6. Hilarious! If that fabric is any indication of what else is in your fabric bin, then I'm jealous. It's perfect!

  7. Thank goodness for the "decor labyrinth!" The fabric is perfect.

  8. Free is definitely my favorite price! Turned out great :)

  9. Nothing is better than free! What a fun print!

  10. I've always loved that fabric. It looks great in the room.

  11. You are too funny. I like the pink/orange color scheme. - so cheerful!! Way to shop the house (or garage as the case may be!)

  12. Lol, I love that you had this fabric but forgot. Way to go using something you already had, shopping in the garage! They look great and love that you did this all under $50! My kind of decorating!

  13. too funny about forgetting you had the fabric. Something I do all the time! I still adore that rug of yours!


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