Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color My World week 3: paint

This week I'm supposed to paint something in my colors of pink and orange.

There's not much in my bathroom I can paint--I'm renting, and I'm not painting the walls or the vanity.  Or the toilet, despite last week's intimations.  

When I unpacked, I came across these apothecary jars with little wicker balls inside.

 They were originally in my bookshelf in the living room, but I moved them into the bathroom and spraypainted them pink, orange and gold.

I am eh on the gold...I think they will be repainted pink and orange.

I also framed the rug remnant from last week.

My budget for this room is minimal, so I  looked through the garage for a suitable frame. I didn't find any.  But, I did find an old corkboard.

I sprayglued the rug onto the corkboard and anchored it with a few flathead pushpins.

I hotglued orange ribbon all around the edges.

And here it is:

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  1. I really like the way the rug wall art turned out - way to use what you already had on hand!! :-)

  2. how fun! i love the splash of gold, too! and the remnant looks perfect!

  3. Looking good! You're really making the most of this space!

  4. It like how you made the color come back in the wicker balls, such a great idea! And that rug remnant is the perfect addition!

  5. Great idea hanging the rug as a piece of art. It's really pretty. And, your balls look great too;)

  6. The rug art turned out way cool! Great idea to spray the wicker balls too :) So fun in there!

  7. I love both ideas! That rug steals the show though!

  8. I'm with you on the gold.
    The rug looks fantastic--so clever to use the ribbon to even things out! Pink and orange is shapin up to be perfect for this space!

  9. what... no pink toilet?? bummer... was looking forward to that one;) i lvoe the framed rug remnant... and the painted decorative balls look AWESOME... just the right pop of color!

  10. What creative ideas! I love the rug idea!

  11. Lisa.. I love the rug art- such a great project- with a HUGE impact!!

    Re: the comment you left on my most recent post- YES the mural Im working on in the bathroom is a recreation of the Josef Frank fabric- its VERY slow going;)but I figured it'd be cheaper then using the fabric on the walls:)

  12. Sheer genius! I actually like the gold in there but I'm a big lover of all things gold. the rug remnant looks great too, way to reuse the corkboard and remnant. I love the bright colors!

  13. Your use of the rug remnant is genius!

  14. Lisa, this is the perfect color for the white bathroom you can do nothing with! I love the pops of color and your rug art turned out so perfect!


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