Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In our last house, our master bedroom was small, only about 10 x 10.  There was about fifteen inches between the foot of the bed and the dresser, and maybe thirty inches on each side of the bed.  In that house, the Rast night tables were a perfect choice, because they were small, and fit perfectly in the space on either side of the bed.

In this house, however, our master bedroom is much bigger, with soaring vaulted fifteen foot ceilings.  In this house, the Rast nighttables looked dinky, and are the wrong scale.

I have been searching for larger nightstands. I found one this weekend:

I switched out the knobs for drop pulls from Anthropologie that I already owned.  I am kind of iffy on the pulls on this particular dresser, they don't seem quite substantial enough, but they were free to me and I like the pop of turquoise against the white, and I really didn't like the old knobs, so, they work for now.

The larger night table can support the new larger lamps I bought last week.

I really like this table.  I can't wait to get a larger table on the other side.

I've already bought the other just needs some work before it goes in the space.


  1. Already a big difference! Very nice.

  2. The scale is perfect. I need to do a makeover on my nightstands.

  3. It looks great...I love those drop pulls. Were they a pain to install? That's the one complaint I've seen in their reviews, but there knobs and pulls are the prettiest I've seen.

  4. Love the bedroom! That headboard is great and I love the large lamps with those night stands! Can't wait to see the other one!

  5. You are right about the scale. Left looks like it belongs the right looks like an appartment. (Though I onder if I ould have noticed if you hadn't told me.) Do you know how long you will be there?

  6. I love the scale and the scalloped detail. I think the drop pulls work.

  7. HUGE difference- it looks great!! and I LOVE the dangly pulls so much.


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