Tuesday, May 8, 2012

master bedroom to-do list

I had zero intention of redoing the master bedroom when we moved in. I loved our master bedroom in our last house, and figured I would simply move everything from that bedroom into this bedroom.  Except when we got here, it didn't quite look right.  The old bedroom was filled with light at all hours of the day.  The new bedroom is much darker.  The old bedroom was tiny (10 x 10), with lots of gorgeous molding around the windows and ceiling, and with hardwood floors.  The new bedroom is much larger, builder-grade, has weirdly accented corner walls, very high ceilings and is fully carpeted.

I'm not making tons of changes.  I have kept the curtains, the bedding, the art and the dressers. The design is still centered around the chiang mai dragon painting. But I am tweaking a few things to help the design look better.

Currently the bedroom looks like this:

I've added larger nightstands, so that the larger scale balances the king size bed, and the higher ceilings.  (I'm still working on the second nightstand.) Our old bedroom was much smaller and brighter, and the navy blue accents and aqua Rast tables worked well there.  This room is much darker, and the colors feel like too much.  I wanted the room to have a calmer, lighter feel, so I used white nightstands and a white headboard.

There still remains a few things to do.  Mainly on the wall opposite the bed.

The mirror over the dresser feels too dark.  It also feels a bit small, since the ceilings are high and vaulted. However, I have yet to come up with anything to replace it with. (I would love this pagoda mirror, but its not in the budget for at least a few months.)

The aqua and orange lamps are placeholders until I figure out something different.  There aren't any overhead lights in this house, so I have lamps on every table, whether they match or not.

Anything I do will have to work with the citron striped curtains, chang mai dragon art, and the bedding.  The summer bedding is coral, as you can see in the picture, and the winter bedding is a deep royal blue.

The to-do list is looking like this:

White upholstered headboard
White night stands
Pictures over night stands
Small mirror over night stands
Paint gourd lamps
New lamp shades
Patterned pillow shams
Art or mirror over dresser
Larger lamp for dresser
Art next to window
Pictures in hallway

There is an extremely boring, builder grade master bathroom (not pictured) directly to the left of the dressers that is open to the bedroom.  I'd like to do something in there as well eventually.

I'm working on the second nightstand and painting the gourd lamps, so hopefully I can cross some more items off my list soon.


  1. I love that pagoda mirror as well.  I've been looking for one for the powder room but they're all pretty pricey.  I finally finished the stencil (which just about killed me) so I want to find something really special for the room.   I may have to splurge...we'll see.

  2. Overwhelming, right? I can relate! I am sure it is going to be amazing! Your headboard is fabulous!

  3. Rita@ThissortaoldlifeMay 8, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    I would so love to tackle our bedroom. I hate being in it--not such a good thing, you know? I recently ripped off the seashell border because I just couldn't stand looking at baby blue and peach seashells one day more, but now it's got a border of the beige underlayer of paper. Really lovely. And an ugly Ikea bed and icky bedding and cheap nightstands. Yes, I am whining! I really like your art and the bright bedding and the curtains. 

  4. trappedinnorthjerseyMay 8, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    I can't wait to see that finished stencil!  Maybe you'll find a good bamboo mirror on CL?

  5. trappedinnorthjerseyMay 8, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    thank you!

  6. trappedinnorthjerseyMay 8, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    Thanks Rita! I like having our bedroom be a retreat from the chaos of the rest of the house. 

  7. Great article, made me add a couple of things to our to-do list!  My husband and I are currently planning to tackle our guest room any day now (but of course it keeps getting pushed back).  Our current list includes
    -remove ugly wallpaper border
    -fix vintage duvet cover (holes from cat)
    -replace lamp shades
    -new dust ruffle
    -paint bureau something besides white
    -but nice actually white sheets (maybe http://www.thomasleeltd.com/sheets.cfm )  
    -find new bedside tables (LOVE the new ones at pottery barn)
    -new light fixtures (perhaps a ceiling fan)


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