Friday, May 25, 2012

My mother suggested that I do a post on what my town looks like, for all the folks back home who would like to see where we live.  So, I give you pictures of Anonymous Town in Southern California.  Be warned, this will be 800 pictures of palm trees.

Here's a view of our development. Every single house looks exactly the same in its quasi-Mediterranean/Spanish-ish style.  But there is lots of greenery and it looks nice. (And palm trees!)

Most of the developments around here have a wall all the way around.  The towns where we lived in NJ, you could walk for miles and see so many houses and neighborhoods, and actually meet people. Here, you can see a wall.  Maybe some flowers in front of the wall if the HOA has a good landscaping budget.

Some of the flowers here are amazingly vibrant and have such intense hues.

We had some of these flowers in our yard, but our gardener (who I have zero control over, he came with the house) cut them all down because, and I quote, "the flowers are making too much shade so the grass can't grow."

I can't make this up.  Its dark right now or I'd go outside and take a picture of the hacked up bush.

We walk across a huge field to get to Greg's school.

There are lots of highways here.  Also, traffic.

It has been very hazy here, but on a clear day, this mountain is massive.

Around town (palm trees!):

I spend lots of time at Lowes.  (Admiring the palm trees.)

I spend even more time at Target. (Palm trees!)  Despite the palm trees, this Target is laid out exactly like the ones in NJ, so its just like being at home.

School, Target, Lowes, home...that about covers where I spend most of my time.  Its a bland plastic pleasant place to live.  Other stuff you'd like to see? (MOAR PALM TREES??)

In other news, my two year blogging anniversary is coming up on June 5th. Any deep, burning questions you want answered?  Things you absolutely must know about me?  If I get more than three questions I'll answer them in a post on June 5th.


  1. I miss the gardening in California. Can't find people on the street...nobody walks in LA. Happy early anniversary. I would like to know about how you plan (if yo do) your posts. Especially the DIY project ones. Do you do anything different in the summer when the kids are around more?

  2. My question is, what does Mr. Trapped think of how you're decorating the house?

    Your neighborhood looks both very orderly and clean, and very scary in a Stepford way all at once. I wonder if when your neighbors heard you were moving in, they worried they were getting a Jersey Shore houseful of people.

  3. Isn't is nice to have some familiarity, even if it's the layout of a store, when you move to a new place? I've lived in several places, but always loved Costco and Target because you could be in Anywhere, U.S.A. and still feel at home inside the confines of the store.

    Love the Palms! Wish we had some in Virginia...

  4. Are you happy with the move to California? Have you found any neighborhoods in the area you would like to live in? Do you see yourself settling down in California? Have you made any friends out there? I don't know how you manage all the packing/moving/un-packing/re-decorating - especially with three kids!


    Have we already discussed the cult that is In n' Out, aka, the one acceptable carb experience for Southern Californians?

  6. What does mr trapped think about the blog? How do you feel about the blog, 2 years later?

  7. Linda--yes, the gardening here is lovely! Even though all the houses are the same, the landscaping sort of makes up for it.

    Sam--yes, it is very Stepford around here. Its literally mile after mile of these little enclaves of identical houses.

    Marcia--yes, its nice to have the familiarity. Kind of weird, though.

    Tisha, thanks for all the questions :-)

  8. Why are palm trees so exciting? I don't know, but I love looking at them. Maybe because we don't have them here and it looks like vacation 24/7. Don't know. I would've cut that gardener if he cut my flowers. Grass my ass!


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