Thursday, May 10, 2012

pretty lamp shades

I've been shopping for lamp shades for my bedroom lamps.  The current lampshades look like this:

and while the shades are of a good quality, I'm not in love with the style.  I'd like to find a patterned drum shade to replace it with.  Nothing has presented itself as the right choice, but I've come across some pretty stuff  while poking around Shades of Light.

This ikat shade:
This batik shade:
This chevron shade:
This plain white with a pink or a green interior:

This burlap shade comes in six colors and has been all over blogland lately.  There's even a great tutorial to make this lampshade much  more cheaply.
I really love this fretwork pattern. I am thinking of using a fretwork pattern fabric and making my own lampshade.
I have loved this one for years:
I'm not really sure what I want yet, so I'm still looking.


  1. I would be happy with any of those, although the drum shape is really the best part of them all!

  2. I love shades of light.  They have a store near me and we've bought a lot of our lighting fixtures from them.


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