Friday, June 11, 2010

Bookshelves: Before + After

The dining room is pretty close to being done. I think. I'm liking the way it looks. At least until I move again next year.

I note that in the picture above the room looks pretty large. Practically large enough to put in a buffet or something on the left! But its really not.

My mother in law recently reorganized, and gave me these two bookshelves that used to flank the tv armoire. I'd been looking for something to put on either side of the dining room window, and they were perfect. And free.

Here is what they looked like before:

I painted them Benjamin Moore's Decorator White. Here's the interior painted a pale blue (I think its China Blue by Benjamin Moore.)

Here's the second intermediate phase. Apparently I didn't take a closeup of the shelves with the first fabric I chose, so below is a closeup of the turquoise quatrefoil fabric. I took that pic with my phone, so the color isn't very accurate; it was a very bright turquoise.

Here's the finished product. (Yes, the pirate ship usually docks there.) I recovered the back with Robert Allan Kiki Pinata fabric.
Most of the items on the shelves are from Home Goods. I've been on a ginger jar kick lately. The milk glass knob is from Hardware Hut. I actually have 12 of those identical knobs, except they seem to have run off when we moved, so I had to order new ones. Grr.

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