Monday, June 14, 2010

My sister's nursery: Part II

More details on my sister's nursery....

The bedding is by Pixie Dust Décor, and I just fell in love with it - and they sold all the fabrics by the yard so I could coordinate the lamp shade and curtains, and any other projects I came up with. Yes, I know crib bumpers aren’t safe – but that thing is so cute, and is staying in the crib until the baby actually starts sleeping there!

Next we get to the dresser/changing table – I refinished an old dresser that I had bought for about $20 when I was in college, and somehow kept around since then. I can never have my own decorating blog, because I can’t remember how to take the before pictures for before/after pictures. It was
painted a dark brown/black. And here’s the after - I stained the frame to match the crib, and painted the drawers white and got new hardware. A changing pad on top completed it.

If you look above the dresser, you’ll see the curtains I made. I’m not much of a seamstress – in fact I hadn’t touched a sewing machine since I was in high school (about 15 years ago). But I still had said sewing machine, and figured curtains are a bunch of straight lines, I could do it. My project started with you-tubing how to thread a sewing machine. And I took the curtains from my bedroom to see how they did the lining. I used the fabric I bought from Pixie Dust for the curtains – and old bed sheets for the lining (I felt super resourceful). There’s plenty of mistakes in the curtains, but I doubt anyone coming over is inspecting the curtains for my mess-ups.

And lastly, we’re getting to the pictures I hung on the wall this weekend – how this whole post started. Technically my husband hung the pictures, not me. I gave him lots of advice that he didn’t really follow. All of the pictures were free – I either made them or downloaded them from And one of the pictures is actually a CD cover from my husband’s old band. Hubby did a reasonably good job hanging the pictures. There’re a few extra holes in the wall, where I wasn’t really happy with the original placement – and I think the bottom frame with the curtain fabric swatch in it still needs to move to the right. But I like the overall look, I like the overall price, and I like that there’s room to add more pictures if I choose to in the future.

So there it is- the entire nursery in detail. All ready for this little girl to move into whenever she deems it worthy of her presence. (Soon please?)


  1. Hi - I was just searching about decorating and I stumbled upon your blog. The nursery looks great. I especially love the curtains.

  2. Hi, I followed the link provided on one of the comments on Ohdeedoh. I love the tree in the corner. It is the perfect tree for what I have been searching for for my daughter's room. Can you possibly give me the dimensions of the tree so I can possibly recreate something similar in our nursery?

  3. its from Dali Decals, its 84 tall by 90 inches wide.


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